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Thrive Market Shopping Discounts and Tips. Maximize your Savings with Thrive Market.

Thrive Market is an online platform that sells natural and organic foods, everyday supplies, hygiene items, beauty staples, and many other products. The prices are very similar to any local grocery store, but selection of hard-to-find items can rival many of them.

We live in modern society and our lifestyles are often very demanding. A lot of us work 40+ hours per week, drive our kids to activities, and run out of time and desire to spend our weekends in the grocery stores. This is why unhealthy fast food is so popular – people just don’t have enough time to take better care of themselves and their diet. What we put in our bodies is still very important and more people are recognizing that. More businesses are recognizing it too and are rushing to fulfill the need for convenient, fast, and efficient healthy shopping. Fast doesn’t mean unhealthy any more.

Meal delivery kits are great – you can get healthy recipes with all ingredients included delivered right to your door. While this is a beautiful way to fit healthy eating into our busy lives, this might not be for everyone.  This is where Thrive Market comes in. It is perfect if you want to eat healthier without spending hours at the supermarket or cooking with the ingredients you get delivered with meal delivery.

Thrive Market is an online grocery store where you can get all the staples that you would buy at a local store + more healthy and organic options.


Let’s talk about the money involved. Thrive Market membership is $59.95 per year. The store is not marking up their products as much as other grocers do and thus this membership price is justified. Every new membership purchased pays for one membership for a family in need.

Nobody should rush to pay $59.95 right away. Start out with a free 30-day trial, shop there, browse their products, compare prices, and test their delivery service. One very important thing – don’t forget to cancel your trial membership before 30 days are up or you will be charged membership fee automatically. This is the most popular complaint about the Thrive Market – unwanted membership enrollment only because people forget to cancel it in time.

When it comes to prices, Thrive Market is very similar to Wegmans, Tops, and all your regular grocers. Most products are a bit cheaper at Thrive Market when compared with Wegmans, a few are more expensive, but the total balances out.

Thrive Market is not only about saving – it’s very much about convenience and wide selection. You won’t need to drive to the store, spend time picking your groceries, fighting crowds, and driving back, often in traffic.

Thrive Market is more expensive than wholesale retailers. But what it lacks in prices, it compensates with organic choices and offerings. Sure, you can find organic bread, pasta, oil, snacks, and some other things at Costco, but the choices are pretty narrow.

Oh, did we say that $59.95 membership also gives free shipping on orders over $49? Yes, it does, so you won’t be ripped off for sure.

Beyond pricing

Thrive Market is not the place to come looking for the best deal. They do have good prices and they do have coupons, but so do all standard grocery stores. It’s all about convenience here and making life easier.

There are three types of people to really benefit from Thrive Market:

  • First – those of us looking for convenience and efficient shopping that will fit in our busy schedules. You have to admit, it’s pretty cool to get all the supplies you need right to your door.
  • Second – those people who have difficulty reaching traditional grocery stores. This applies to people who live rural areas and can’t just jump in the car and get organic avocado oil or almond butter within a few minutes. Sometimes the supply is very limited and the prices for everything healthy are outrageous in small towns.
  • Third – older or handicapped people who simply have no physical means to reach grocery stores even if they are close by.

Thrive Market and similar stores made healthy food accessible to all of us as long as you have internet and credit card.

There are some people who won’t enjoy shopping at Thrive Market no matter how great it sounds.  If you like to drive around, browse at various stores, hand-pick your food, compare prices, and use many coupons, you might not like Thrive Market. They have coupons too, but it’s not a place for $1 toothpaste or $0.50 boxed pasta.

If you have no interest in organic and natural foods, Thrive Market is also not for you. Their focus is on healthy options, not Doritos and Cheetos here.


  • Wide selection of organic and natural products online
  • Great choice of popular organic brands
  • Many hard-to-find brands and options, always in stock
  • Great prices
  • Free delivery on $49 and more
  • Regular coupons and discounts
  • It’s a lot more than food – cleaning supplies, baby needs, hygiene products, beauty needs, vitamins, supplements, and much more are offered.
  • Thrive Market is socially conscious and gives back
  • Thrive Market brand is for budget healthy food shoppers
  • App is very user-friendly and offers coupons and deals
  • All orders are saved for easy tracking of expenses and re-ordering


  • $59.95 membership fee
  • Planning ahead is needed as it takes about 3 days to get your order delivered
  • Shipping is not free under $49
  • No perishables sold

Shopping advice:

  • Plan ahead – you will be very successful with Thrive Market if you will place an order once in 2 weeks or a month.
  • Be organized and write down stuff that gets close to the end in your pantry.
  • You should create a favorites list directly on the Thrive Market app or website. Save the items you buy most and you will find them easily when needed.
  • Look out for coupons and then make a big purchase.