Don't Miss Sur La Table 65% Off Clearance Event

Sur La Table Clearance Event

Whatever you buy, quality should be one of the top priorities, but especially when you shop for cookware. Pots and pans can make a huge difference in your cooking, but that often means a significant investment.

Sur La Table Clearance Offers

On the other hand with Sur La Table’s sales, it doesn’t have to. The retailer features sales all the time, but some weeks are just better than others in discount department.

Sur la Table Apron Sale

Currently you can get up to 65% off on some merchandise at Sur La Table, so don’t miss that. And we are not talking about some unknown brands – this sale is on some of the best known names in the world, such as Le Creuset, Staub, and Green Pan. You will find not just pots, but various baking supplies, grill pans, cookware sets, and much more.

Sur la Table Clearance Deals

Something like Le Creuset is rarely on sale, but this clearance event offers savings of hundreds of dollars on skillets, braisers, bistro grills, and more. In addition to big pieces, you will find knives, small appliances, grilling supplies, and utensils on sale.

Sur La Table Last Chance Clearance

This is what the best big deals these days are:

  • Le Creuset 2.5 quart Braiser – now $179, was $250

This red braiser will serve all your kitchen needs for years. It looks great on the stove and on the table, so you won’t need extra dishes to worry about.

  • Scanpan Saute 3 quart pan with lid – now $196, was $420

Sur la Table Scanpan Pans

This amazing pan is more than 50% off and it can be called a deal of a lifetime – hurry before it’s gone!

  • GreenPan Craft 13-piece cookware set – now $400, was $985

A cooking set like this is all you ever going to need. Sure, it’s an investment, but everything looks so good and is of superb quality, making it totally worth it.

  • Le Creuset Bistro Grill – now $100, was $195

Sur La table Le Creuset Bistro Grill

Every kitchen needs a little grill like this for summer days that are too hot or rainy to grill outside. It’s simple to use and even simpler to clean, guaranteeing that every steak will come out 100%.

  • Staub 4-piece baking dish set – now $130, was $275

This set is the best gift for anybody who likes to bake. The dishes will last a lifetime and will always look stylish while handling the toughest baking jobs.

Sur La Table Staub Sale

  • All-Clad non-stick set of 3 skillets – now $130, was $225

All-Clad has amazing skillets and here you can get 3 for the price of 2. They are a bit heavy, but cooking with them is a pleasure.

  • Le Creuset Signature cast iron skillet – now $100, was $230

Cast iron from Le Creuset is a work of art. It is also going to serve for the rest of your life.

  • All-Clad stainless steel saucepan with lid – now $120, was $200

The saucepan with lid is better than without it for sauces and meats that require longer cooking time. Clear lid will let you see the progress while keeping the heat locked in.

  • Staub Round 5.5 quart cocotte – now $260, was $460

Sur La Table Staub cocotte deals

Staub cocotte is the best option for soups and stews. You can use it on any cooktop or in the oven just the same, and cleanup is always a breeze.

Sur La Table Staub Deals