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Personalization Mall Review


With winter holidays over and romantic spring ones approaching I decided to go a little different route about buying gifts for my loved ones this time.

Personalization Mall Gifts

My loved ones include a husband and two kids who are sweet already even without all the traditional candy for Valentine’s Day and Easter. Those are the two holidays that are on my mind lately and I wanted to be ready in advance.

PersonalizationMall Picture Mugs

I gave Personalization Mall a try and because of that I did well with my decision to prepare early on. Personalization Mall is a huge online store with some physical locations, where you can pick from thousands of products and get them all personalized for free. I can’t think of a better place to get a gift that will show your love, thoughtfulness, and how important the recipient is than Personalization Mall.

I have heard about them before, but never tried ordering anything until now. And let me tell you – I should’ve done this way earlier! From now on at least some of my gifts and household items will come from Personalization Mall.

First of all, I loved the process and how easy it was not only to pick personalized messages, but also visualize how the finished product will look like. The website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. There are categories of items and then there are ways to customize each one of them. I was looking for kids’ gifts this time; my husband is a need of specific perfume, so his Valentine’s gift will have to come from somewhere else.

PersonalizationMall Gifts

I selected Valentine’s Day Gift category and then ‘Gifts for Kids’ to be taken to three pages of cute ideas for gifts. There were teddy bears (of course), candy buckets, cards, jewelry boxes, mail boxes for treats, candy jars, piggy banks, t-shirts, bibs, blankets, chocolates, mugs, and a lot more. It was, frankly, mind blowing!

Personalized Bottle

I really needed water bottles for kids for school, especially for my son, as his plastic ones break down every 2 months. Since there were no water bottles in Valentine’s Day category, I found them via basic search. The choices were plenty, of course, but I needed medium size metal ones for both of them. You know, it would be a full-blown war if one would get something new, and another one wouldn’t.

PersonalizationMall Personalized Bottles

I loved one option: two identical bottles, one with blue name design color and another with pink. After typing a name, you are prompted to review how the bottle will look like once made for you, so I had a very good idea about what to expect. The website asked twice if I was sure about the message and spelling, and it makes sense, because personalized items are non-returnable, so checking for mistakes while ordering is extremely important. The bottles were on sale - $17.99 each, while regular price is $29.99 each. No coupon code was needed to get my kids’ gifts and also save in the process.

Personalized Picture Mugs

After ordering the bottles I was hooked on this fun and went back to pick that Valentine’s Day gift. My daughter is getting a mug that is white outside and red inside and says “Milla You Make My Heart Smile” on one side and “Love, Mom and Dad” on the other. She will love it, both the perfect size and the message on it.

Personalized Mugs

My son is going to get a mug for Easter. It is white on the outside, navy inside, and features his name on the front of it with rabbit ears sticking from behind and “Happy Easter! Love, Mom and Dad” on the back. Again, perfect size and a lovely message.

Personalized Canvas Pencil Case

I love this idea of my kids seeing their names written on stuff and feeling so very special! I got so caught up with personalizing that I got two more items, out if inertia – canvas pencil case for my son and metal apple bookmark for my book-loving daughter. For the future I am eyeing personalized t-shirts for both of my kids and the husband!

Personalized Metal Apple Bookmark

At the end of everything, I used 20% off and free shipping coupon and came out very nicely money wise! My plan is to give the gifts one at a time and just keep the good stuff coming, except for the bottles – they are already testing them out for back to school after winter vacation.

It took about a week for my order to get here – 2-3 days for making the products and a few days for basic shipping. This goes to show that Personalization Mall is not your last minute gift buying destination, but totally doable with a week’s notice.

In conclusion, this is my new favorite gift buying discovery. Before long my friends, parents, family, and dog will have plenty of stuff with their names and pictures on it. The options are limitless – picture mugs, t-shirts, beach towels, Christmas ornaments, toys, home décor, candles, pillows, wall art, and plenty more!

Personalization Mall Coupon