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Pros and Cons of Hello Fresh

HelloFresh Family Box

Hello Fresh is a meal kit delivery service, with the help of which people can get fresh ingredients and recipes for cooking delivered to their homes. This service can help people save on not only time spent at various grocery stores, but also money for gas, and frustration that many of us experience while driving in traffic and standing in long lines.

Hello Fresh Meals

Services like Hello Fresh can do even more – imagine if you are handicapped, a young single mother, or someone looking after a senior person. Would you have time to run around grocery stores shopping? While the answer is no, people of all walks of life would probably like to cook fresh food from scratch, and Hello Fresh can help them have that opportunity.

Hello Fresh Crispy Parmesan Chicken Recipe

Customers of Hello Fresh get to choose what they want to cook from various recipes available every week. The meals can be for 2 or 4 people. Once you select your recipes and checkout, your order is sent within a few days and arrives in a box with dry ice for freshness.

HelloFresh Chicken Recipe

Recipes are included with every meal and can be kept for future use. They are very clear and follow step by step directions. With this help everybody can cook, even husbands that never attempt to cook otherwise. The recipes include all kinds of information in addition to cooking steps – calories, time required, ingredients, what items and products will you have to supply, and even what wine goes good with that particular meal.

HelloFresh Family Box Meals

Hello Fresh can get pretty pricy, but they frequently offer coupons or feature them with other services, for example FabFitFun or GlossyBox subscribers receive $80 or so discounts from time to time.

Hello Fresh Recipe

This being said, I have to admit that I tried this service and loved it. I would like to list the positive and the negative sides of it as best I can. Since I love it, I will definitely see more pros than cons, but just like with everything in life, there are always a little bit of both:

Pros of Hello Fresh

  • Ordering is very easy and shipping is fast
  • The box and most packaging components can be recycled
  • Perfect for people with disabilities or special needs
  • Saves time on grocery shopping
  • Recipes are easy to follow
  • Great for people who lack inspiration in the kitchen
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Vegetarian options
  • Cooking doesn’t take long
  • Recipes can be kept for future use

Hello Fresh 50% OFF Coupon Winter 2020

  • Coupon offers
  • Nice sauces and ingredients included

Hello Fresh Burger Recipe

Cons of Hello Fresh

  • Lots of plastic packaging
  • Not very cheap
  • No organic ingredients
  • Cooking is required
  • No dairy-free or gluten-free recipes
  • Grocery shopping is still needed
  •  You do have to supply not only pots and pans, but oils, salt, and pepper
  • Some veggies were not very fresh
  • Cleanup is needed

Hello Fresh Burger

While there might be a few other points, these stuck with me the most. As you can see, pros definitely overshadow cons for me, and I will definitely be trying this service again, especially after the holidays, when I’ve done so much shopping that I can’t think about visiting any more stores. I find the service to be very convenient, but I also agree that such convenience does have a cost, so our family would not be able to afford it continuously, but we will love switching things up from time to time.