Groupon Coupons September 2023

Take 40% Off Select Deals at Groupon
Get 30% OFF Local Deals (One Order Per User) at Groupon
Receive 10% off your order (up to $50) at Groupon
Receive an Extra 25% Off Activities & Beauty Services (Select Account) at Groupon.
Get 10% off, up to $50 at Groupon
Get an Extra $15 Off (for Select Customers) at Groupon
Save $10 Off your order at Groupon
Save 30% on Local Deals - Select Accounts at Groupon
Get $10 Off $30+ Local Sale (for Select Accounts) at Groupon
$30 Shop Card with New Membership Costco with Groupon.
Save up to 75% off activities, beauty, apparel & more at Groupon.
Get up to 45% Off Spa Days, Salons & more at Groupon
Take Up To 50% Off Sam's Club Membership at Groupon
Receive up to 80% Off Food and Drink Deals at Groupon
Get Free Shipping on Order Over $34.99 at Groupon.
Get Up to 20% Off When You Sign Up For Groupon Newsletter
Students Receive 25% Off Local Deals at Groupon.
Save 50% or more on Fitness, Health, Classes and More at Groupon
$40 BJ's One-Year Club Card Membership at Groupon
$20 for a $25 eGift Card to Aeropostale at Groupon.
Take up to 70% Off Last Minute Travel Deals at Groupon.
Get up to 50% Off Pizza Deals at Groupon.
Take Romantic Getaways Under $75 per Night at Groupon.
Take Hotel Deals Under $99 Per Night at Groupon.

Groupon Savings Tips

Can you imagine enjoying a slow farm-to-table multiple-course dinner somewhere in California, savoring a bottle of red wine, and not worrying about the bill despite its heftiness? That is definitely possible, because imagine knowing that this feast is already 36% paid with Groupon and you have a coupon for another 20% off thanks to Groupon bonus sale.

Groupon is amazing at helping you find and afford local restaurants, lessons, massages, and so much more. Living Social is another place to visit for extraordinary discounts.

Let’s take a look at three ways to use the mentioned sites to get the most benefit:

Before we start, let’s agree that you should only use the sites for finding something you really need, not just random items or services you have found by browsing without clear aim.

1. Experiences

If you are one of those people who are always looking for the next thrill or desire to scratch something off your bucket list, Groupon is definitely for you. You can discover acupuncture, try kayaking, sample a few local yoga studios, or find a new favorite brewery all with up to 25% off. A $25 brewery scavenger hunt can cost you $14.40 on Groupon with extra codes. If you are even more serious about saving, try using Ebates for extra money back, something like 6%.

People love this because they get to experience something new, get out of their comfort zone, and best of all – do all that without spending all that much.

2. Undiscovered local businesses

Many discounts apply to services and products and this gives you a chance to experience some places and things that you might have overlooked before.

If you are not extremely picky about a hairdresser, use Groupon to try out a new salon. You can find somebody you will be going to for years to come and save hundreds of dollars while searching.

Some other places you can get amazing deals? Think dentist check-ups and cleaning, fancy bedding, laser hair removal, photo shoots, chiropractor, and countless others. You can get $120 massage for $40 – wouldn’t that be nice?

Groupon and Living Social guarantees that you can be on a budget, but still experience and enjoy great entertainment and a wide range of services.

3. Vacation savings

We all treat ourselves and our senses when we travel the world, but since major coupon sites cover that world, we can indulge and experience for less.

Museum admissions fall into a category that can really benefit from Groupon. All you have to do is plan ahead and check deals in the cities that you are planning to visit. Monitoring special offers can enable you to pay a third of the regular price if you are willing to wait and to spend time searching.

You don’t have to plan around the offers, but as soon as you know where you are going and what you want to see there, start checking coupon sites. Look for transportation, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

Cons of coupon sites

While those sites can be life savers sometimes, there are a few drawbacks to keep in mind:

  • Some people have experienced worse treatment than full-price customers.
  • Some coupons are for closed businesses and for places that don’t accept new clients.
  • Restaurants might not accept coupons all day.

You should always check if the place you are buying the coupon is still open and will service you. Also always read the small print and find out if you can get a refund if something goes wrong.

While Groupon is huge and very popular among its 49.5 million users, it is not the only place for savings. LivingSocial, Local Flavor, RetailMeNot, Woot, DealNews, Daily Steals, DealCatcher, and Brad’s Deals are all worth checking out.

Finally, sign up for a cash rebate site and maximize your savings even further, on top of coupon deals.

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