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How to Save on Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is not a new meal plan, but in case you haven’t heard a lot about it we would like to focus on the nitty-gritty. The key idea is to follow a points-based system which will help you meet your personal weight loss objectives. In fact, it’s a flexible personalized wellness program that ensures slow but steady weight loss. Following Weight Watchers is not difficult and this plan is rather popular because it doesn’t forbid eating particular foods. It also educates about healthy diet, helps develop essential healthy eating skills and encourages exercise. In other words, you can still eat your favorite food, but you will get the particular number of points a day so it is up to you to decide how to “allocate” them. The program involves weekly weigh-ins and keeping track of what you eat. Such an approach makes this meal plan quite easy to adjust to various lifestyles and budgets. On the other hand, some people fear the plan can be costly as is focuses on healthy food which can be expensive. If you are afraid that Weight Watchers will increase your weekly spending on food we would like to dispel this myth and share with you some useful money saving tips.

Use Coupons to Save on Your Plan

Make sure you use a coupon when you sign up for Weight Watchers. Right now there is a good offer for beginners. With the coupon you can start the plan for just $10 a month without any starter fee for 3 months (regular price is $20 a month). So you will save 50% on your meal plan for the first 3 months in a row!

There are other good deals not to be missed. For example, you can get a free WW Bluetooth Body Weight Scale (a $29.99 value + free shipping!) with your purchase a select membership plan at Weight Watchers. You can count on free shipping on your over $50 order at The WW Shop.

And you will enjoy a free month if you invite a friend to Weight Watchers!

Start with WW’s Digital Membership

There are three membership options: Digital, Workshop + Digital and Personal Coaching + Digital. Consider starting with the first one as it is the cheapest. Currently the cost of digital membership starts with $3.38/week at Weight Watchers.

Avoid Their Pre-Packaged Foods

Of course, it is very convenient to buy Weight Watchers snacks and meals that come with points listed on the side. But they will cost you more than buying food in your local grocery store.

Purchase Seasonal Produce

Most vegetables are ZeroPoint food which means that you don’t have to track them. Make sure you incorporate a lot of fresh produce into your diet. And always look for good deals on these products at your local grocery store. You should also check out local farmer’s markets for some good deals on fresh greens.

Make a Meal Plan and Stick to It.

Weight Watchers offers recipes and if you make a plan of what you are going to eat it will help you stay on a budget. This program allows you to shop at any grocery store for all food you want to eat. You can include seasonal produce and ZeroPoint foods like eggs, beans, fish and seafood, chicken breasts, fruits and vegetables that are currently on sale in your favorite grocery store. Consider buying in bulk and freezing some of the products to use them later. For example, the price of beans is cheaper per pound when sold in a larger bag. So you can wait for a sale and get a 5-pound bag instead of a 1-pound one. By planning your menu in advance, you’ll be able to stretch your dollars.

Cook from Scratch              

It’s always cheaper to buy the ingredients and cook your meals from scratch. You will save even more if you make your own desserts and soups. Not only will you save more money this way but will also know the quality of the ingredients you are using.

Final Thought

There are many positive reviews of Weight Watchers and I personally use this program to control the amount of calories I take. I already see the results and consider this program very effective. Keeping track of everything I eat with Weight Watchers helps me analyze my eating habits and adjust my meal plan to meet my specific weight loss needs. I hope that my tips will help you save on your meal plans and become the better version of yourself.

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