Why I Love KiwiCo. An Honest Review from a Teacher.

KiwiCo Koala Drum Box

I loved all the activities that came in this KiwiCo box and was really impressed with the quality of the materials.

KiwiCo Koala Crate Music Box

Each project had directions with illustrated pictures that made it easy to follow.

KiwiCo Koala Drum Deal

I enjoyed building each project with the 6 year old boy I tutor. We started with the xylophone and began following the steps.

KiwiCo Koala Drum Instruction

When making the colored planks he wanted to use only two colored stamps that he liked on the xylophone. After explaining how it would work, he quickly understood the meaning of having different colors to represent the different sounds.

Using the Colored Stamps

Once the project was completed we both enjoyed using the colored stamps to compose our own music. We had fun taking turns playing each other's different musical notes.

KiwiCo Box 2022

This was the best part of the xylophone project because it gave him an outlet to be as creative as he wanted and kept him engaged the whole time. After playing with the xylophone for a while, I thought he would be tired and would want to build the other items at another time. However, to my surprise, he was eager to complete the next project in the box.

Building the Tambourine

We began building the tambourine and were able to follow the simple steps.

KiwiCo Tambourine

Once finished, we enjoyed shaking the tambourine and making different musical beats with it. Last in the box we pulled out the items to complete the dancing streamer.

Kiwi Crate Tambourine

We followed the steps and were able to make it in no time. He really enjoyed having to use the different colored stamps again when making his streamer. Once all the projects were finished, we were able to observe how they all worked and had fun making up our own music with all we had built. His favorite was the dancing streamer and the xylophone. I loved how these projects were hands-on, educational, and a great introduction to music. For young learners I think this is an excellent box to get any kid actively engaged and curious to build their own musical instruments. It encourages kids to express themselves in a fun and creative way!