Where to Get Vitamix Blender with a Discount

Vitamix Promotions

Our mission is to help you and your family selecting the best ingredients for your diet and for your table to fuel the bodies for healthy life. If you made a decision that Vitamix high performance blenders can help you achieve your diet goals or if you have been a customer for a while, read through special offers they have, and let us help you understand what Vitamix has to offer. We will take a look at what is going on in the month of November.

Vitamix Coupons

Recently, just over a year ago, Vitamix overhauled their discount and promotion system. They have disposed of all old coupon codes that have been working for a while and could be found all over the internet. Vitamix does not issue the coupons, they never have, so if you find any websites advertising coupons or discount codes for Vitamix, know that they are either misguided or are trying to misguide you.

The manufacturer runs sales sometimes, but other than that the only discount you can get is free shipping. You will get this offer after you prepopulate your shopping cart with your selected products. If you are not ready to buy and want to do some more research, you can still prepopulate the cart to secure the shipping deal.

You can do this prepopulating by clicking BUY NOW button that is under each product at Vitamix. This will trigger your discount. Once you click the button, you will be taken to the Check Out page, where you will select your warranty agreement and pick a color. Then you will add the product to cart, where your coupon for free shipping will be automatically added for you.

Vitamix Blender with a Discount

The free shipping code might be “06-BLEND” or whatever other name the company chooses, you don’t have to worry about it as long as you can see it. If you do, click “Proceed to Checkout” and go on to fill out your payment card and shipping address information.

If the free shipping code does not appear next to “Free Standard Shipping”, you can try clearing your cookies and caches and trying to repopulate shopping cart again. You can also try using a different browser. If all else fails, contact Vitamix customer service and your issue should be solved.

Vitamix models are highly rated and are really worth considering for all your blending needs. For example, Vitamix 5200 is sleek yet powerful to get the job done extremely fast and without any mess. Read customer reviews and do some online price comparison if you want to buy your blender with total confidence.