Where to Buy the Cutest Aprons for Kids

Everyone in my family loves cooking, even the youngest son who is 6 years old. We always cook our holiday meals at home, and it is the time when the whole family gets together. Cooking meals together is all about teamwork, sharing responsibility and helping each other. It has already become one of our family traditions and to make cooking even more fun I started collecting cute aprons for kids.

Thanksgiving Apron with Turkey

The first apron I bought is this fun Thanksgiving apron with turkey by Williams Sonoma. It’s really cute and the 3D effect of the sticking feathers on the apron made him look like he’s wearing a Thanksgiving costume. My son got so excited by it that we decided to purchase more kid’s aprons. Michael’s favorite Christmas story is “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, so when I saw these Dr Seuss Grinch Matching Aprons from William Sonoma I just couldn’t walk by and purchased them for both of my children.

Dr Seuss Grinch Matching Apron

The elder son took a number of cooking classes and is an excellent cook, and the younger one always wants to follow his example.

Christmas Apron

Now, on Christmas eve they make a perfect cooking team in these matching aprons.

PMall Chef Hat

A chef’s outfit is not complete without a chef hat and this time I ordered a personalized hat at Personalization Mall. I remember paying a very good price on it with Personalization Mall coupon code I found online. In fact, it’s much cooler to have personalized stuff because kids feel really special wearing it.

Williams Sonoma Easter Apron

Most of the aprons from our personal collection were purchased at Williams Sonoma. They always have nice aprons for kids for all occasions. For example, they have a cute Easter apron with carrot applique and an adorable birthday apron with a charming cupcake design.

Williams Sonoma Birthday Apron

The most unusual Williams Sonoma apron is their Star Wars R2-D2 Kid's Apron.

Star Wars R2-D2 Apron

Imagine, a robot cooking breakfast and serving it in the kitchen! What a cute futuristic idea! All kids love robots, especially boys, and all boys will be happy to play a robot while cooking! So, if you want to teach your kid cooking in a fun and playful way aprons like that will come handy.

Star Wars R2-D2 Kid Apron

In addition to Williams Sonoma and Personalization Mall, there are other places to get cute aprons for kids. One of them is Shop Disney. I prefer shopping online at for Disney inspired products.

Mickey Mouse Chef Hat + Apron

There is a nice Mickey Mouse chef hat + apron we have recently bought.

Mickey Mouse Chef Hat

The set has a matching hat and an apron, with vibrant colors and cute design. If you child loves Disney characters, it will serve as a perfect gift.

Chef Role Play Costume

Melissa & Doug also offers kid’s aprons that are super stylish and nice. They feature a nice classy looking Chef Role Play Costume Dress-Up with Realistic Accessories. It can be purchased online and is available at Target too.