What Emergency Kitchen Supplies Should You Have?

Emergency Kitchen Supplies

As humanity has faced and will be facing a lot of emergencies and diseases in the future, it would be helpful to know what products and supplies should each home have on hand for the times when everything might not be readily available. Sure, earthquakes and deadly viruses don’t happen very often, but when they do, you might have to quarantine yourself at home or be barricaded inside for a long time, so what do you do before those unlikely scenarios play out?

Shopping challenge during COVID

As we worry about the contagious virus spreading now, let’s take some time not to think about everybody around us being sick, but instead decide how exactly can we prepare our kitchens and pantries to survive whatever life throws at us. If you see something in low supply or gone at your local grocery store, head to and you will find all you need and get it delivered stress-free, at least for now.

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Let’s take a narrow scope and imagine that we are stuck at home for 2 weeks without a chance to venture out to get groceries. What do we eat and how do we do that – let’s explore that without panic and hysteria. It helps to be prepared and to know what you will do in case something bad comes along.

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Wash your hands thoroughly and read on:

You should not go crazy with non-perishable foods and water jugs, but having two weeks’ worth of food supply is advised by CDC and American Red Cross. There are many areas in the United States that can benefit from such preparedness when faced with natural disasters. If two weeks of food sounds like too much for your space and budget, have at least enough products for 3 days. And the sooner you will shop, the fewer crowds will gather if an emergency hits.

Emergency Water Supply

Another very important question is what kinds of foods to buy. All that depends on your pantry’s space and how much money you can allocate to that. Canned goods are always fine – cheap, ready to eat, and available everywhere. Just make sure you have a can opener.

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Consider getting canned beans, tomatoes, tomato sauce, canned soups, vegetables, broth, meat, coconut milk, and fish.

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Another good source of nutrients and calories are dried foods, such as crackers, nut butters, nuts, cereal, dried fruit, protein bars, granola, and tofu. Always have oil and seasoning on hand.

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If you have any freezer space, stock up on frozen vegetables, berries, meats, and fish.

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Dried foods that require heat for preparation are also good to have. Buy some pasta, beans, rice, other grains, nuts, and hot cereal. Keep coffee, hot tea, Gatorade, and Pedialyte handy for dehydration and variety.

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To keep yourself sane stock up on chips and salsa, pickles, canned vegetables and fruit, and chocolate – you’ll need it.

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If you can, buy 30 days’ worth of your prescription medication and get over the counter fever reducing remedies and cough drops. A nice supply of soap is essential too. Also get laundry and dish detergents.

If you like to bake, get flour, yeast, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and shelf-stable milk.

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That could serve as a distraction and entertainment, which can be eaten afterwards.

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When you go shopping, don’t just get everything you’ll see on the shelves. Have a plan, think about variety of options, and don’t forget about nutrition. Always think of simple recipes when emergency shopping, you won’t have time or desire for anything complicated.

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All the food that is already in your refrigerator should be consumed first.Your shelf stable foods should be kept for as long as possible and used last.

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All meat, milk products, fresh fruit, and vegetables should be eaten before you reach for that pasta in your stash.

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Eggs, onions, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and apples can last a little bit longer, so keep them for later.

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Then there are ways to make perishable foods last longer. You can marinate your meat and make pesto sauce from herbs and greens.

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Bread can be frozen whole or sliced. It can also be dried and made into croutons.

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Once all the perishable foods are eaten and you are in an emergency, you can slowly start on your supply of canned and dried goods.

In any case and whatever happens, our suggestion is using common sense and not panicking. Take in the situation, evaluate, and proceed with caution, but also with confidence. Stay healthy, but prepared!