A Guide to Kinds of Cake Stands

Cake Stand

There is actually a history of cake stands. New England produced the world's largest wedding cake, which weighed 6.818 tons and had seven tears. It required several forklift trucks to transport it.

Cakes are the centerpiece of all occasions including weddings, birthdays, baby showers and Christmas celebrations. It is become a big industry as cake artists try to outdo themselves to create centerpieces that mesmerize everyone. Homemakers are in on the process also as they love to bake and decorate.

There are many cake stands that one can choose from made of all different materials.

As you present your cake, you will want to understand that they add the final touches to the cake. They can make the cake appear larger and bigger and add to the cakes beauty with color. There are all shapes sizes and materials to choose from.


The Different Kinds of Cake Stands

Typically a cake stand is determined by how many tiers it has. There are even cake stands for cupcakes.

Single Tier

Bakingshop - cake stand

This cake stand has only one tier and usually is for simple cakes. Just choose one that is sturdy enough and holds the weight of the cake.


Two Tier

There are two tiers of the cake and they may be arranged one above each other or at a distance and connected.


Three Tier

This is your traditional wedding cake that uses a three-tiered cake stand. It can be used at different angles, which creates an aesthetic appeal.

Three-tiered Cake Stand



When you want to get creative you can choose to have a number of layers depending on what you want.

The materials that cake stands are made of include glass, iron, ceramic and metal.


Iron Wire Cake Stands

Wrought iron has become popular and so have cake stands. They can be more delicate and these stands are very popular.


Glass Cake Stands

glass cake stands

These glass cake stands can include transparent or colored glass. They can come embossed or ruffled for a fancy look. They can have dome shaped covers that cover the cake. Be aware that glasses heavy and difficult to maintain.


Metal Cake Stands

metal cake stands

These stands are sturdy and can carry a lot of weight. They are used with multi tiered cakes. They can come in silver or gold and even embossed.


Porcelain Cake Stands

These come in a variety of shapes patterns and colors and can be used for holding cupcakes for tea parties.


Fancy Cake Stands

Fancy cake stands are ones that sometimes resemble a Cinderella's carriage, a rustic look or even studded with diamonds. There are many one of a kind cake stands.

If you are looking to improve the look of the cake stand even do it yourself as typically cake stands are expensive.

You will need to customize a cake stand and match it to whatever occasion you are planning. One idea would be for Halloween to cut out a spider placemat to give it a holiday look. At Christmas you can surround your cake with Holly leaves. Try adding beads to your cake or wrapping a ribbon of lace around the base.

You can also accessorize for a tea party with teacups. If it's a wedding you can add champagne glasses or votive candles on the table next to the cake. You can add a pearl necklace around the cake stand and colored ribbons.

All kinds of creativity can be used for a cake stand.