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Labor Day 2020 Sales at Walmart

Walmart Labor Day Sale

Labor Day weekend (September 5-7, 2020) is coming, and that means Labor Day sales.

The National holiday, which is celebrated on the first Monday in autumn (September), celebrates American workers and the creation of the labor movement.

Walmart Pickup Order

Walmart definitely knows how to get into autumn quickly. This retailer offers discounts on thousands of different items ranging from garden supplies to camping supplies and electronics. In addition, the store offers discounts on school items. These include desktops, laptops and tablets and calculators, plus backpacks, lunch boxes, pens, pencils, notepads, and much more.

Walmart Back-To-School Offer

Outdoor enthusiasts will be able to save on camping and hiking gear such as coolers, camping lights, tents, sleep bags, camp furniture and even fishing gear.

However, due to quarantine, not many people risk getting out into nature. Therefore, for those who will be resting at home, the company has prepared a lot of interesting things; there are BBQ facilities, garden furniture, canopies and much more on sale.

On top of all this, Walmart offers huge discounts in the clearance section on mattresses, furniture, tech, clothing, video games, toys, baby items and supplies and more.

Walmart Clearance Section

For all Labor Day offers, visit the Walmart online store.




Walmart Grocery vs Amazon Grocery Delivery. Walmart $10 Grocery Coupon and Amazon $10 Grocery Coupon

Walmart grocery

Amazon clearly wants to keep up with Walmart and is launching curbside pick-up service from two Whole Foods locations for now. They are testing the waters at Sacramento and Virginia Whole Foods locations with plans to expand this service in the coming months. Only Prime members are eligible for this service for now.

Customers can create a shopping list for an employee to assemble the groceries, select pick-up time, and stay in the car while the order is loaded.

Walmart has been doing this service since 2013 and has a long experience, so we took time to compare the veteran and the newbie to see who did better. This is what we have found:

We tested the Sacramento location of Whole Foods.

The groceries were ordered via Amazon Prime Now app, which most people use for Amazon services anyway.

grocery delivery with amazon prime

Once on the app, we chose the Whole Foods zip code to receive the service from.

The next simple step was to add items to cart. Some were not available for curbside pickup, but you can choose the option of employees selecting substitutes for those unavailable products, which is what we did.

Choosing pick up time affects the price of the service. One hour pick-up is $1.99 for orders under $35. 30-minute pick up is $4.99.

All the products are stored in best temperature locations, so you can be late. You will get your groceries before the store closes. If you can’t make it by then, you will get your money back.

One of the best things about this service is that you can park in the reserved spot and not worry about busy parking lots. The spots are easily marked and close to the entrance.

walmart home grocery delivery

Once parked, customers have to check in on the app to let employees know that they arrived. If you are really in a hurry, you can press “on my way” button and get greeted by the employee waiting outside with your order.

The employee checks your ID if alcohol is purchased, wheels the cart to the trunk, and neatly places the paper bags into the car. The service is short, courteous, and problem-free. You don’t even have to get out of the car during all this!

All the groceries were packed neatly, the refrigerated items placed in a separate bag with reminder sticker. All the veggies were in great shape, fresh, and cold. The bag with eggs even had hand writing to warn about it. A bottle of wine was packed separately and had a label.

The only problem with our experience was that one item wasn’t getting added to the grocery list, but we forgave Amazon only because the service was just launched and a bug or two could still be expected. Hopefully more items will be added in the future and all hiccups will be corrected.

Other than that, we were very pleased with our experience. The app was very user-friendly, the service was a breeze, groceries were in great shape, and packaging was immaculate. This left us very happy customers.

Walmart was our next stop. They have been doing this for a while, so we had some great expectations.

The ordering process was similar, with a few things missing, for which we allowed employees to make substitutes as well.

Walmart has $30 minimum to qualify for this service, while Amazon will do it for any size order for $1.99 fee.

Our biggest issue was with pick up times. Walmart has very few options for pick-up windows, which might not work for everybody. For example, ordering at 10 am might mean that the earliest pick-up might be at 3 pm. No short notices there.

The pick-up location was marked on one side of the building and would be hard to miss. You will see signs and ads everywhere. That being said, parking spots are still a bit confusing, so don’t be afraid to drive a bit further.

Once parked, you can text, call, or check in on the app.

Customer signature is required at Walmart, which is not a big deal, but less convenient. ID was also checked at the car window.

walmart grocery favorites

Packaging was visually a lot less satisfying. Plastic bags looked flimsy, even though they are marked as washable and reusable. We’ll have to see about that.

The order was in good shape and nothing was damaged. There were way too many bags though, which might irk environmentally conscious consumer. Each bag cost $.10, and Walmart definitely did not save our money on that.

New customers get a small bag of goodies as a greeting gift.

Overall, there are not many differences in both services. The main thing is in details, like packaging, signature requirement, and pick-up time flexibility. The latter can be a big deal to some people though.

Our preferences lie with Amazon after comparing both experiences. Hopefully many more Whole Foods stores will be offering this service soon.






9 Secret Money Saving Tricks at Walmart

Walmart money saving tricks

Walmart already has a reputation of being inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it even cheaper with stacking coupons, price matchings, and other savory deals.

Not all of us enjoy shopping at Walmart, but we all can appreciate a good deal. Walmart even offers store pick-up and online ordering if browsing at the store is not your thing. Target people can’t deny that some deals at Walmart are just better, despite different ambience and aura.

Let’s take a look at 10 ways to save at Walmart:

1. Ordering groceries online

walmart groceries

You can order all groceries online and not pay any fee. Walmart employee with pick and pack everything for you and bring the bags to your car. There is no reason not to try this.

2. Shop in the morning

shop in the morning at walmart

All the food from yesterday will be discounted to make room for new items coming out, so if you will get there early, you can score some major deals or at least shop with less people and clean after the night shift store.

3. Walmart app

There are some special discounts on the app that are not available anywhere else. You can also pay for your purchases through the app with Walmart Pay. Prescriptions can be filled via the app and groceries can be ordered for curbside pick-up. This tool adds another level of convenience and saves your precious time.

walmart clearance clothes

4. Free shipping

As long as your purchase is at least $35, you will get free two-day shipping and won’t have to step in the store to get what you need.

5. Price matching

walmart lowest price

As of 2016, Walmart stopped price matching at 500 stores. However, with 4,500 stores in US, you can definitely find one that does price match and take advantage of it. You can price match with other brick-and-mortar stores as long as you have an identical item and proof of the lower price, so bring the ad.

6. Refurbished merchandise

If you need a larger tech item, check the refurbished section first. All refurbished electronics come with manufacturer warranty, so you will have a piece of mind and save money.

7. Buy generic or Great Value items

Walmart is known for great prices on generic or their own brand items. Buying Great Value products will always save you a few dollars. Great Value usually is made with the exact same ingredients and quality, but check the label if you have doubts.

oven glove

8. Pick-up discount

When you order online and instead of shipping to your home, you choose a pick-up option at your local store, you can get some great deals. All items marked “Pickup Discount Eligible” will bring you some savings. All discounts will be visible at the check-out page.

9. Organic at Walmart

Organic groceries at Walmart

Organic groceries are always more expensive, but it’s important what we put in our bodies, so the choice is yours. If you choose eating healthier, Walmart is probably the best place to buy organic. Most products are about 50% less than in Whole Foods or Trader Joes.

When you can, support local farmers by buying their fresh produce, which is often organic even if not marked so. It rules to support small family businesses!



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