Vitamix Coupons October 2023

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Iconic Vitamix Blenders Go on Sale

Vitamix Blenders Coupons

There is no doubt you have heard the legend of Vitamix blenders. You know, the kind where they make the best smoothies, the smoothest soups, and never break down. Every legend is steeped in reality and so is this one. It comes from chefs and moms who have plunked some serious cash on professional grade blenders that can handle starchy vegetables, seedy berries, and every nut on the planet. Thanks to Vitamix, you don’t have to break the bank for such a blender any more.

Vitamix Blenders on Sale

The company reduced the price of one of the best Vitamix sellers, Explorian 48-oz Variable Speed blender to make it affordable for more people. The reduction is temporary and pretty serious - $160 on The blender is truly state of the art. It has 10 speeds, so you can make chunky guacamole just as easily as pureed tomato bisque in seconds.

The Explorian is an indestructible blender and more. It can also be a juicer, food processor, ice cream maker, hand held mixer, stick blender, meat grinder, ice crusher, cheese grater, chopper, fondue maker, peanut butter crusher, and soup or sauce producer. This is a lot of tasks for one not so big device! The blender can do all of this because it has two peak horsepower motor and four stainless steel blades for extreme crushing power. The next version will probably peel potatoes and take trash out too.

Making food with Vitamix Explorian means that you can entrust your cooking to it for the best results and all you have to do is put ingredients together. And push a button. This is why Vitamix has such a serious following of people who would never go back to any cheaper brand. They happily make smoothies, ice cream, rich soups, and salsas and afterwards enjoy the self-clean option this blender also features. It’s very quiet and comes with a recipe book for all of us who are just starting.

Vitamix Discounts

Vitamix works for people who don’t even like smoothies, because many of those people can use it for grinding spices, making nut butters, and even bread kneading. Yes, you read it right - bread kneading! The blender is pretty compact for its capabilities and can fit in a cabinet when not in use. The entire device is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. The lid is spill-proof, but it has a removable plug that can be used for adding more ingredients without stopping the blender. The machine is just 17 inches tall and 13 wide – that’s all it needs to house the power it contains. If all the features still leave you doubtful, Vitamix offers free 5-year warranty.

We love the fact the Vitamix company has been a family owned business dedicated to whole foods since 1921. It started with William Grover Barnard selling kitchen products and discovering the benefits of a blender. From then on the family perfected Vitamix blenders and today the company is run by Barnard’s granddaughter.

If you would like to welcome this machine into your home, this is the time to do it. The Explorian is $290 instead of $450 and it’s calling your name. This price is featured on Vitamix own site, it’s also at Wayfair and at Sur La Table. QVC is offering $90 off and Amazon is price matching with In addition to these beautiful deals, it also ships free.

You can rejoice if you were also dreaming of getting other Vitamix products, because many of them are also on spring sale, which happens just once a year. Currently new Legacy and Ascent blenders are up to $150 off and FoodCycler is discounted as well.

This is what else can be bought on sale:

  • Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Professional-Grade Smart Blender - $400, was $550.
  • Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series Professional-Grade Smart Blender - $450, was $600
  • Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Professional-Grade Smart Blender - $550, was $700
  • Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender - $550, was $600
  • Vitamix 7500 Professional-Grade Blender - $480, was $530