Valentine's Day Gifts with Hearts

Valentine's Day Gifts With Hearts

Valentine’s Day is about what’s in your heart, so why not make her gift all about hearts too? Roses and chocolate are fine and dandy, but also kind of boring, you have to admit it.

Sur la Table Valentine's Day Tea Towels

Going out to dinner is nice, but that doesn’t leave something tangible to remember the occasion by. So what does one do?

Gifts with Hearts

We have some ideas to help you find something affordable, tangible, speaking of love, cute, and easy to get. Read our list of gifts, mostly for kitchen, that she will enjoy long after Valentine’s Day is celebrated and gone.

Sur La Table Heart Cookie Cutters - $9.50 for set of 5

Sur La Table Heart Cookie Cutters

Food, but more specifically cookies, might be a way to somebody’s heart, so give her these and see if she paves that way to your heart. The cutters come in different sizes, some have even sides, and others feature ruffled edges. They are made of stainless steel to guarantee that they will serve for years. And who’s to say that heart shaped cookies can’t be left for Santa or served during July 4th? You can’t go wrong with hearts whatever way you look at it.

Dash Mini Heart Waffle Maker - $14.95 at Sur La Table

Dash Mini Heart Waffle Maker

This gift can open the gates to unlimited creativity – waffles to bed for Valentine’s Day breakfast, heart shaped pancakes on anniversary, and all sorts of hot sandwiches, paninis, hash browns, and other treats you can think of.  This small waffle maker can help you spend many tasty hours together and then be stored away easily.

Venchi Chocolate Mini Heart Tin - $12.50 at Sur La Table

Venchi Chocolate Mini Heart Tin

Yes, we said chocolates for Valentine’s Day are pretty lame, but not these Italian treats. Heart shaped candy comes in what else - heart shaped tin that can be kept for memories or house all the love notes she is getting from you. Some of the chocolates are milk and some dark, each wrapped individually, hailing from Piedmont region in Italy, and perfected since 1878.

Sur La Table Heart Silicone Mold - $12.50

Sur La Table Heart Silicone Mold

This is another gift for tasty treats. The shapes are made of silicone, which does not stick, so whatever she bakes or you make for her, will pop right out. The tray of molds is easy to clean by hand and is also dishwasher safe.

Ladies M&M’s Make Me Melt Tank and Short Set - $29.95

Ladies M&M’s Make Me Melt Tank and Short Set

This pajama set is the next best thing if you want to avoid giving her cliché chocolate candy, but still be sweet, because, you know, it’s M&M’s. She can now go to bed and have some seriously sweet dreams about you melting her heart on Valentine’s Day or beyond.

Personalizable M&M’s Heartfelt Candy Gift Box - $14.99-$299

Personalizable M&M’s Heartfelt Candy Gift Box

It’s candy again, but personalized, so it technically doesn’t count because there is no place for boredom. Red and pink M&M’s featuring letters and clip art are packed in an acrylic clear case inside red felt clutch that can be reused and refilled once all the chocolates are gone, but love is not.

Personalizable M&M’s Occasion Bottle in Romance Gift Box - $49.99 - $54.99

Personalizable M&M’s Occasion Bottle in Romance Gift Box

This gift is perfect not only for her, but for him too. It’s not champagne, but can go perfectly with it. You should also get a gift box that comes with roses and a love note. Little candy can be stamped with letters and clipart messages for maximum effect. Hurry to order those before Valentine’s Day gets too close.

Copper-Plated Heart Cookie Cutters with Handle - $5 at Sur La Table

This cookie cutter is similar to the above set of five, but it’s only one and has a convenient handle to grab onto when pressing the shapes. The cookie cutter is made of stainless steel that is covered in copper. You can buy 2 different sizes and make your own set.

Valentine Cheer Personalized 14-oz Bistro Mug - $13.99 at Personalization Mall

Valentine Cheer Personalized Bistro Mug

The mug is simple, but by no means understated, thanks to its bright red color and a little heart right below her or his name. Better yet, get two of those with both of your names and morning coffee ritual will never be the same.

Blown Away by Love Personalized Wedding Mug Set - $15.99 at Personalization Mall

Blown Away by Love Personalized Wedding Mug Set

Don’t let word ‘wedding’ scare you – because what is good for wedding has to be good for Valentine’s Day too. Cups feature a cute motif of a girl and a boy blowing each other hearts and running towards each other. Unlike those figures who will never meet, you should see each other often and enjoy a hot beverage together.

Felt Heart Tree - $29.95 at Pottery Barn

This gift is more décor item than personal gift, but who’s to say that Valentine’s Day doesn’t call for festive decorations? We think that this tree can also serve as a perfect jewelry holder – for those ruby earrings or diamond ring that you are thinking about getting her this year.