10 Toys from Chewy worthy of Cult Following

Toys from Chewy

Having a pet can be very rewarding and downright necessary, especially during emotionally difficult times, like living through the pandemic – most of us have experienced it one way or another by now. Dogs and cats keep us sane, take us outside, or make us take a break and play with them. But there is another side to pet ownership – they all need lots of care, time, and expenses. While can’t help you with time, it can really become your best friend when it comes to affordable pet care essentials and entertainment items.

Chewy is one of the biggest online pet retailers and caters to a wide range of pets, not just dogs and cats. The company is known for fast shipping, huge assortment of products, and legendary customer service.

So there is no surprise that is a go-to place for all pet needs. People are confident that they won’t break the bank there and will always have plenty of product choices for the times when their pets need to eat, play, or take a walk outside.

Here are five items that no dog parent should live without:

  1. Kong Treat dispenser for dogs - $12.99

Kong Treat Dispenser for Dogs

This toy is usually a big hit with dogs right away. Some of Kong toys are double sided and attach together for holding treats inside. Those treats fall out when the dispenser is pushed by a paw. Other Kong treat holders have a big opening, which is perfect for putting some peanut butter in for some quality licking.

  1. All-natural chews

All-natural chews

Natural raw hide treats and bully sticks are amazing for keeping dogs busy for hours. Such treats are sold everywhere, but few places have choices and deals that regularly sports. Natural chews are great for dogs’ teeth and serve almost as meal replacements if big enough.

  1. Crunchy lamb flavored treats from American Journey  - $2.99

Most treats that are high quality can be really pricey, but not these goodies. They are not only healthy, but also unanimously loved by dogs. Real meat is the first ingredient and you won’t find any corn, soy, or wheat. The price for these is hard to beat too, which is very important to most pet parents.

  1. Whimzees Grain-free dental dog treats - $30

This large box has 28 treats, so it’s a month’s supply if one is eaten almost every day. We don’t always realize how important dental health for canines is. Chewing just one Whimzee per day would ensure healthy teeth and gums without involving doctors and deep cleaning. And as an added bonus – dogs love them!

  1. Frisco hide and seek toys - $15-$20

Those toys are designed to keep dogs engaged and playful. Each toy comes with some sort of burrow or plush enclosure, where you can hide 3-4 little squeaky toys for your dog to find and pull out. This game can go on indefinitely and bring joy to everybody involved, especially if you have kids to play this hide and seek with the dog.

Best essentials for cats:

  1. Greenies feline catnip flavor adult dental cat treats - $2.34

Dental cat treats

Dogs are not the only ones who need their pearly whites to remain white. Cats can use some cleaning too and these catnip flavored treats are hard to beat. They are very affordable, natural, full of vitamins, and tasty. They are good for cats and low in calories.

  1. Rachel Ray Nutrish soft spots salmon & savory cat treats, 5oz - $1.74

Nutrish Soft Spots

Every feline fish lover will appreciate these, because they are made with salmon as the main ingredient and don’t have any poultry by-products, meals, or artificial ingredients. The treats are decadent and soft, making them easy to chew for cats of all ages.

  1. Mouse shaped catnip flavored toys - $2

No cat will say no to little mice that smell like catnip – these are the Roll Royce of cat toys even though they are just $2 for a set of three. This price is hard to beat and it doesn’t even hurt if the toys get lost of ripped. This just proves that cheap is not always bad!

  1. Frisco multi-cat clumping cat litter - $13.99

You can get 20 or 40 pounds of this good stuff – you’ll use it sooner or later. This product is not fancy, but essential for all cat parents. The litter locks away all odors and clumps easily for fast clean up. It produces almost no dust and is universally loved by reviewers at

  1. Cat condo towers  - $50+

If you don’t want your cat climbing up the curtains, scratching sofas, and sleeping in some crazy places, get her one of these elaborate constructions and she will be happy(most likely). Cat trees like this have multiple stories, perches, hideouts, ramps, and hanging toys to keep her busy for hours. It’s huge and also very affordable – simply a must for all cat lovers.