The Goodness of Instacart

Instacart Deals

If you thought that spring time shortages of toilet paper and flour are never coming back, we have some sad news for you – they are already here. As coronavirus cases surge, grocery stores report the beginning of dreaded shortages again.

Daily cases are higher than they were in spring and some states are returning back to lockdowns, however reluctantly. As a result, shoppers are back at stocking up on paper products, canned goods, and cleaning supplies.

Back to Lockdowns

Many retailers inform about expected shortages, quantity limitations, and crack down on e-sellers on Amazon who are price gauging. Amidst all that, Instacart is ready to work overtime and to get their customers everything they possibly need.

Instacart has some tips for you how to survive this second wave of pandemic without losing your cool:

  1. Changing habits

As we stay home more, we cook more and thus shop more. Most families saw their grocery bill increase by about 20% in the past half a year as they buy more things while shopping less often. Instacart might not be big savings here, but they will definitely save your time and you won’t have to go to physical stores to deal with all the viruses yourself.

Instacart Offers

People admit to buying more paper products than at the same time last year when we were blissfully unaware of coronavirus. Intacart has you covered for paper products and more high demand items - produce, frozen foods, and canned goods.

  1. Low supply of various goods

Ever since coronavirus arrived on the scene in spring, some stock has never reached normal levels.

Instacart Delivery Offers

Such items would be household cleaners, wipes, hand soap, and canning jars. While Instacart can bring you most of these without you leaving your house, some items are too big for grocery delivery service. Those will have to be scouted out by you:

  • Sporting goods
  • Outdoor exercise gear and apparel
  • Small and big home appliances
  1. How should you prepare?

Instacart urges its customers to not panic, but instead be smart. Yes, you should not wait until you are on the last roll of paper towels, but there is no reason for frantic shopping either. Instacart will be there to supply you with a package or two of paper products to help you build a small reserve at home. If one store won’t have any, they will find it in another.

Instacart Delivery Promotion

Grocery stores usually see crowds before major holidays, but thanks to COVID-19, this year it will be super hard to keep shelves stocked. Instacart promises to deliver if not extra fancy normal life type of things (skinned organic lemon marinated chicken drums), but basics (chicken breast) for sure.

  1. How to save with Instacart during the pandemic?

Instacart is not charging extra for grocery products unless the store charges extra for this method of shopping. You can still use merchant coupons with Instacart and the company offers its own specials from time to time.

When you are ready to buy a little extra of something, make sure you do that when you can find a deal of some sort for those items. Whenever possible, use cash back apps and get some money back just for buying certain products.

Overall, use Instacart and remain chill through this holiday shopping season that promises to be heated, to say the least.