The Correct Way to Shop on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is a shopping bonanza that started in 2015 and is gaining popularity with every passing year. This year Prime Day is July 15-16, it will last 48 hours, and is expected to attract an astounding 58% of all Americans. It’s probably safe to say that an even bigger percentage of Prime members will be spending their hard-earned money on this weekend.

Amazon Prime Day Shopping

Amazon Prime is like Black Friday and Cyber Monday married and on steroids. The discounts are great, there are no lines, and everybody shops from their couches, so what’s not to love? Apparently very little, as proven by millions of shoppers storming in troves, to the point of the entire site crash, which has happened in the past.

In order to participate in this shopping celebration, you have to be a Prime member, which costs $119 per year. It’s not too late to register yet and make it just in time for sales and savings. If you don’t want to pay money, you can always sign up for free 30-day trial and cancel it before the month is up or you will get charged continuously. Finally, avoid all the hassle and talk to a family member who already has the membership about setting Prime Household, which is available for up to two adults.

Read on to find out how to shop during these two days to maximize your savings and have the most fun:


Do deals go quickly?

Prime Day is by no means like a Black Friday, when you can take time and see all deals displayed all over the store or ten stores. The deals on Amazon are released periodically during those 48 hours and many of them are called “Lightning deals” with huge discounts on limited number of brand-name products. You can expect those items to sell in minutes, so there is no time to be wasted. Amazon also offers Prime Early Access, where members can see the deals 30 minutes prior to them going live, giving viewers a sort of edge.

Amazon Prime Day Discounts


When should shoppers start their shopping?

To maximize your savings you should definitely plan ahead. First of all get the Amazon shopping app and turn on “personalized notifications” to get push alerts when deals are live. If you are after one of those Lightning deals, make sure you have 1-click ordering set up if that’s the last thing you do. Imagine finding an awesome deal, getting ready to buy it, but by the time you enter all your billing, shipping, and payment information the item is all sold out – that could make your shopping day pretty disastrous.

Amazon Prime Day Offers

Finally, not all the deals show up online or on the app. This year Amazon will announce many sales exclusively on Alexa-enables devices, including Echo home speakers. Now that you know this, make sure you are ready to talk to your Alexa, ask her about the deals, and be prepared to shop them right away.


What about Prime Day Previews?

Prime Day Previews will be available on the app as early as a week prior to July 15, so you can activate “watch this deal” button and get notifications about changing prices. You can also get early bird discounts for 20% just for using you phone’s camera, scanning bar codes, and doing some virtual shopping on Amazon. If you are hunting for a deal on something specific, you should create your own wish list and get Amazon to send you notifications if and when the item goes on sale.

Amazon Prime Day Promotion


Should you create a plan for your shopping strategy?

Prime Day sales happen in a flash and it’s the perfect opportunity to buy stuff you have no need for. In fact, 60% off shoppers have said that they feel pressure to buy quickly and thus hurry to get whatever they see on sale. To avoid such excessive shopping, have an iron-clad plan, especially when it comes to more expensive items. You should also do some homework in advance: know the prices on Amazon and on competing websites for stuff that you really need. Only this will help you know if you are getting the best deal, which is not always a given, even during the Prime Day.


Does it make sense to buy groceries on Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day Grocery Promotion

Absolutely! In fact, one of the best ways to save money is by buying groceries at Whole Foods store or through Prime Now on July 15-16 because all such shoppers will get $10 credit for Whole Foods will be adding great deals on in-season produce and most popular items during the entire week. Think discounted berries, fruit, nuts, nut butters, fish, and ice cream.

Amazon Prime Day Grocery Shopping


What deals can we expect beyond Amazon?

Amazon Prime Day has started a summer sales competition of sorts. The number of retailers having their own version of Prime Day in the middle of July is growing every year with expected 250 joining this July. Target and Walmart are some of the biggest names promising great prices on thousands of items with no membership required. eBay is actively discounting things and promising extra special deals when Amazon will crash during its 48 hours of sales. All that competition is greater than great for us, so let’s enjoy all the deals we can get and get our carts filled up!

Amazon Prime Day Delivery