The Container Store Coupons September 2023

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Get 10% Off Caraway Home Cookware at The Container Store
Receive Free Shipping on Orders Over $75 at The Container Store
Get $5 Off when you spend $50 or more when you sign up at The Container Store
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Saving at Container Store

The Container Store Coupons

Container Store has all that we need for organizing our house, class, office, garage, basement, and everything in between. Now that we are all staying home due to the infamous corona virus, Container Store is the place to get all the needed supplies we can use for serious family effort clean up. We have to make our time locked in the house meaningful after all, and it’s one of those times when we can tackle projects that we never have time for.

Once we start browsing all the products the company has to offer, it’s hard to stop. Unstoppable shopping might result in serious spending. To avoid that, here are some tips on how to save while getting organized:


The Container Store Sales

Whatever you do, always start shopping from Sales section. There is a separate tab for that and literally hundreds of heavily discounted items await.

Elfa sale

This sale happens twice per year and is definitely worth waiting for. You can expect elfa items to go on sale right after Christmas until February and at the end of summer through mid-September. Not all elfa products get on those sales, but so many are that savings become unprecedented.

The Container Store Elfa Sale

Spend More, Save More

The company awards big spenders and frequently offers deals for larger purchases of select brands. For example, there are times when you will get 25% off $200-$350 InterMetro orders, 30% off $350-$500, and 35% off $500+. Check their website for deals like that before shopping or contact customer service to find out more about such offers and brands.

The Container Store 25% OFF Sale

POP! Perks Program

This program is free to join and offers some nice rewards – 15% off your first order, $15 in perks, exclusive sales and sweepstakes, free returns without receipt, birthday and anniversary gifts, dedicated member shopping days, and coupon codes. All you have to do is enter your email and wait for all the deals to come in.

Rewards Credit Card

Container Store’s credit card is similar to what you would get from other stores, except for one thing – special deals on financing. You will pay 0% interest for 12 and 24 months on $500+ and $3,000+ purchases. You can enjoy this deal if you will pay on time and pay it off in time. The card carries pretty high APR – 29.99%, so get it only if you are very responsible with your finances.

Container Store’s credit card promo

Even though this card is called Rewards, there are actually no rewards, so you might benefit more if you use a card that has rewards in the form of bonus points, miles, or cash back.

Free services

During normal times we suggest visiting your local store and discovering if there are any free services, like free elfa customization. That is not possible for now, but check out if something is free online – curbside pickup, shipping, and that same elfa virtual customization.


You can find a ton of free advice and tips about staying organized, which might be just what you need to start. Professional organizers cost a lot, so instead of hiring them to organize your closet, read a blog, get ideas, and DIY.

The Container Store 25% OFF Offer

Free shipping and pickup

All shipping is free on $75+ online purchases, but if you don’t have that much to buy, choose free in-store pickup and bring your supplies home the same day. You won’t even have to get out of the car for that, which is just an extra security now.

The Container Store Promotion

Teacher discounts

Teachers get discounts all year round and now that we all are homeschooling our kids it wouldn’t hurt to inquire about it. Organized Teacher program helps teachers organize their classroom with discounts.

Online coupons

Always visit coupon aggregation sites for coupons before shopping at the store’s website. You will be surprised what deals you can find there from time to time!

The Container Store 10% OFF Coupon

Discounted gift cards

Check out Gift Card Granny or and buy discounted gift cards. You might save just a few percent, but it’s right off the face value, so why not?

Social media

Follow Container Store on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and you will be among the first ones to learn about upcoming sales and coupons.