T.J.Maxx Coupons September 2023

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TJ Maxx Savings Secrets. How to Get Even Deeper Discounts.

TJ Maxx is a popular store among budget shoppers, but did you know that it’s not a discount store? Yes, there is a difference between a discount store and an “off-price retailer”, which is what TJ Maxx is. It means that you will be shopping brand names for less, instead of store brand, like Target’s Cat & Jack or A New Day.

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It’s always great to know more. Speaking of knowing more, take a look at our list of advices and find new ways to save even more while shopping at TJ Maxx:

  • Shop on Wednesday morning

While the store receives new shipments and products all the time, almost all discounts and markdowns happen between Tuesday and Friday, making Wednesday the best morning to shop, as soon as those markdowns hit the shelves and the pickings are plenty.

  • Final markdowns

If you see an item with a yellow tag, grab it because it is as cheap as it will ever get. Those tags are the most plentiful in January and July; right after the season is over.

  • Reading price tags

This takes a bit of knowledge, so listen up. When you look at TJ Maxx price tag, the number in the square, on the top right corner, tells you the month when the item came out (24 months, two-year cycle). The last two digits of the clearance price bar code show the week the item was marked down.

If you notice that an item does not have a markdown for a while, say 4 weeks, you can take the item to the register and very politely ask them to check the price for markdowns.

  • Check clearance section before buying

If you find an item that is not marked down, walk to the clearance section before the checkout just to make sure you are not paying a higher price, because various prices are often posted for the same item at different sections of the store.

TJMaxx holiday coffee and tea savings

  • Check for markdowns

Always ask an employee with a price gun marking items in the store if your item is also marked down. If you don’t see such an employee, ask at the register. Markdowns are applied to items that have been in the store a month or longer.

  • No price adjustments

Unlike many competitors, TJ Maxx does not offer price adjustments if the item you bought went down in price a week later.

  • 5% of inventory is “irregular”

TJ Maxx discounts all items that have any cosmetic damage, like a stain or a scratch. If you can live with that, savings you can have are great.

  • Same inventory at Macy’s and Nordstrom

TJ Maxx often has the exact same merchandise as Macy’s, Nordstrom, and similar. They buy what stock is left from the manufacturer after the premium is purchased at retail price by others. TJ Maxx achieves their goal to buy and sell cheap by removing a buy-back clause, which means that whatever is not sold at Macy’s, the designer will buy back, while TJ Maxx will be stuck with what’s not bought by consumers.

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  • Williams Sonoma foods discounted

Don’t think that food items at TJ Maxx are any worse than anywhere else or that they are close to expiration date. They are not and often half price.

  • Pet supplies

Pet supplies are some of the best value buys at TJ Maxx, especially dog beds, which can be better looking than at Petco or PetSmart and for a third of the price.

  • Negotiate imperfections

If you find an item with cosmetic damage that hasn’t been marked down, don’t be afraid to ask for 10-20% off for such “as is” product. Employees and supervisors have a right to discount on a spot.

  • “Compare at” prices are not always accurate

To sell more and to make you feel better, TJ Maxx can inflate the “compare at” price to make it look like you are getting a better deal. This practice is not uncommon at other places too. TJ Maxx prices are usually the best, but the savings are not always as big as they claim they are.

  • Use Amazon app

Before getting what seems like the best deal right away, scan the bar code with Amazon app and see what the same item is selling for online. Information is money.

  • Purple price tags

This tag means that the product came straight from the runway and can be found in “The Runway” section. This section is found in some TJ Maxx stores, usually in big metropolitan areas, and features high-end designer clothing. Those items will be pricier, but still nowhere close to what Nordstrom commands for the same thing.

  • Email sing up and free shipping

You will get free shipping for your first order after you sign up for free store emails.

  • Website

TJ Maxx has it, but it’s not worth your time. More name brands can be found in-store, but not online. You can also find limited-supply items, fresh discounts, better choices, and no shipping charges when shopping in-store.

  • July and January sales

Those semi-annual sales are the best time to shop at TJ Maxx. The store is not known for sales, coupons, and other promotions otherwise.

  • Free rewards program

Sign up for free and get a chance to participate in the sweepstakes to win a $100 gift card. 25 such cards are raffled each month, so it’s definitely worth to enter if you do any shopping at TJ Maxx. Members of this program also get access to some sales and private parties before everybody else.

  • Stay away from TJ Maxx credit card

TJMaxx rewards credit card

This card might be tempting, but resist that temptation. It will reward you with $10 for each $200 spent, which is a lot less than some other retailers. If you have a large purchase coming up, then it might make sense to get the card, use it, and cancel later.

  • Discounted gift cards

Look for discounted gift cards at Gift Card Granny to find savings of 8% or more. Marshalls, Home Goods, and TJ Maxx belong to the same parent company, so they will take each other’s gift cards.

  • Last minute gifts

New Christmas inventory is available weekly at TJ Maxx, making it a perfect place for last minute stocking stuffers.

  • Pets at TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is pet-friendly, so you can take your furry companions along for some retail therapy.

  • Holiday return policy

If you buy something between October 15th and December 24th, you can return those items until January 23rd.

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