Sur La Table's Cooking Class for Valentine's Day

Sur La Table Cooking Class

Cooking together can be more romantic than having dinner at a crowded restaurant. Valentine’s Day sees that happen all too often and in addition, most places serve limited pre-selected menu, and what foodie wants to do that?

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You can go against the tradition for once and instead of going out take a romantic cooking class with a real chef on February 14th.

Sur La Table cooking Class for Valentines Day

Some people down right hate Valentine’s Day simply because it’s always the same – flowers, chocolate, and going out every year. They agree to that simply because it’s important to their loved ones. Why not change that one year and do something outside the box?

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You do have to eat that evening and you want to be romantic, so you can combine both of those things and go out, to Sur La Table. Forget the pricy reservations and book a cooking class instead. You will be surprised how nice and romantic it’ll be!

Cooking Classes at Sur La Table

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Sur La Table offers cooking classes in all of its locations, be it NYC or San Francisco. All locations have amazing chefs on staff who are ready to show you tricks and tips no matter what your cooking expertise level is. Couples are more than welcome!

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Let’s go over the entire class process to make sure you know what you would get into if you decided to give romantic Valentine’s Day class a try:

There will be a few other couples, besides you, most likely. The chef usually assembles people in groups of 4 or 6, depending how many people are there. Among these people you will meet semi-professionals and those who have never boiled an egg before working perfectly side by side.

Making Macaroons for the First Time

The highly trained chefs make this experience worth-while with humor, playful attitude, explanations, and demonstrations.

The menu is the same at all Sur La Table locations, but all dishes include a few twists that depend on your chef, so your dish will always be unique.

Cooking Macaroons with Sur La Table

Here is an example of what you can learn to make in just one class:

  • Seared New York Strip steak with chianti-mushroom sauce
  • Winter squash ravioli with sage butter sauce
  • Arugula salad with beets, lime, goat cheese, and pine nuts
  • Chocolate and orange cannoli

Every chef can also decide to treat you with his signature delicacy at the beginning of the class or while cooking, which is what many people are looking forward to.

Macaroons Cooking Class for Valentines Day

The process is simplified by thorough directions, a glass of wide, and an easy atmosphere. You become friends with people around you and can get a much more personalized approach to your special dinner that night than at any restaurant.

Chocolate for Macaroons

Once the meals are done, one by one, you get to sit down and enjoy them while keeping lively conversation going. On Valentine’s Day the atmosphere is enhanced with candle lights and dimmed lamps once the cooking and cleanup is done. Many people love this so much that they end up signing up for future classes.

Cooking Class for Valentine's Day

If you have never done that before, consider it for this Valentine’s Day and have fun with your special someone. It’s a perfect gift that won’t be boring or expected and those are the best!