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I know that most of my friends prefer to dine out on holidays, and we did so until covid lockdown. It was the first time we spent most of the time at home and I loved it. There was no stress for my husband to book the table in our favorite restaurant a month in advance, and the place is usually so crowded that day that there is no intimate atmosphere appropriate for the holiday. So, this year we didn’t even plan on going out much. And this meant that I need to prepare for various events and purchase some beautiful kitchenware to celebrate holidays at home in style.

Sur La Table Kitchenware

If I ever need new kitchenware and tableware, Sur La Table is the store I check out first. This time I also visited Sur la Table near me and discovered tons of beautiful new products. If you, like me, are looking for ideas where to get kitchenware of the highest quality you can head straight to your nearest Sur La Table sore to get all dining essentials and even more to make your celebrations special.

White Salad Plates with Red Hearts

First of all, I wanted to get a new set of plates. I have Easter 12-piece dinnerware set I love so much, so I decided to add some new plated to brighten my collection. I knew I chose the right store as the moment I entered beautiful white salad plates with red hearts caught my eye. There were also larger serving plates with the same design that can be used to serve fruits or hearty meat dishes. Well, the same cute heart design can be found on kitchen tools, such as silicon spatulas. So, it’s easy to build your own set depending on your needs and your budget. You can complement your dinnerware and kitchenware set with a beautiful apron of the same design.

I also spotted minimalistic white plates with a heart in the center. But the heart was not just painted, it was embossed. There were smaller plates, bowls and cups of the same design, so it’s easy to customize your own set depending on the number of persons and how you are going to use the dinnerware.

Sur La Table Porcelain Oven-to-Table Bakers

Apart from plates and dinner sets I was looking for cookware to bake meat or fish in the oven. I prefer this way of cooking, because it saves time, and you don’t to have to stay by the cooker that much. Sur La Table porcelain oven-to-table bakers is an excellent option to consider. Not only can you use it to cook, but the cookware is good enough to place it right on the table as a delicious centerpiece.

Heart Shaped Serving Board

Of course, getting plates and cups is a must-have. But what kitchen accessories will help you create the holiday mood? Heart shaped serving board looks stylish. It’s of white color and any food served on it will look picture perfect.

Candy and Chocolate

A variety of candy and chocolate are also available in store, so you can add sweets to your shopping cart as well. Or consider making ice cream or ice cones at home.

Classic Pop Molds

Sur La Table has got a variety of Classic Pop Molds, so you and your kids can have fun making homemade sweets and treats. My younger son adores activities like that, and I imagine how happy he would be to make his own frozen yoghurt.

Silicone Cookie Forms

Sur La Table Red Bakeware set is for those who want to surprise those you love with handmade desserts. Here you fill also find silicone cookie forms and heart cookie cutters. Kids usually love taking part in culinary battles so you may encourage them to join food preparation at the weekend or after school. They are sure to be thrilled by the idea of making their own cookies they can later share with friends and teachers at school.

Sur La Table Online Classes

If you feel you are not very good at cooking, you can join Sur La Table online classes to get hand-on learning experience with acclaimed chefs. There are also Summer Kids & Teens Series for aspiring chefs who are ready to experiment and use their creativity in the kitchen.

Those who are too busy to make it to the store can always order whatever you like online. If you shop online, you can save $15 on your first order at Sur La Table, plus make sure you use Sur La Table Coupon to get an extra discount. Sometimes you may get free shipping even without qualifying minimum purchase requirements with Sur La Table free shipping coupon.

Beautiful Dinnerware Sets

Such details as beautiful dinnerware sets, kitchen tools and utensils make your home a special place you want to return. Family holidays is a great opportunity to surround your family with love and care. Sur La Table dinnerware works great at creating holiday mood and adding thoughtful touches to your home celebration