Stay at Home Sale at Sur la Table

Stay at Home Sale at Sur la Table

Sur La Table knows that you are sitting home, bored, often stressed, and deprived of all your restaurant dinners out. While you are doing all that, your family is hungrier than ever. This is why the company is ready to sell you Le Creuset cookware with steep discounts, because if that won’t get you some inspiration in the kitchen, then what will? And another thing – the virus will pass, you will get out, toilet paper and eggs will be plentiful again one day, but your Le Creuset pots will continue to serve you for years and remind you how you survived our modern day pandemic.

Sur La Table Le Creuset Cookware

Legendary Le Creuset pots and pans are up to 55% off and some start at just $21. When have you ever seen something like that?

Sur La Table Le Creuset 20OFF

Le Creuset cookware ranges from cast iron skillets to stock pots and Dutch ovens. So take a few minutes and see if you can get your dream pot or two at prices that you won’t see again for a long time. These are our favorites to cook in while beating corona and all other bubonic plagues that shall come next:

Le Creuset Enameled Steel Stockpot, 6 Qt. ($80, was $120)

Sur La Table Le Creuset Enameled Steel Stockpot

This large pot comes in three colors and is best for even heat distribution when cooking soup, pasta, or a ton of corn ears. Stockpot like this is destined to bring dramatic French flair to your kitchen and help you fall in love with cooking if you haven’t done that already.

Le Creuset Curved Oven, 3.5 Qt. ($200, was $285)

Sur La Table Le Creuset Curved Oven Discount

Available in 5 vibrant hues, this oven is perfect for slow simmering, soup making, sauce creation, and even bread. Wide curved sides will let you stir easily and serve flawlessly. The oven is made of cast iron and thus guarantees heat efficiency that is supported by tight lid. Once again, beauty of this cookware is unmatched.

Le Creuset Signature Oval Dutch Oven, 5 Qt. in Honey ($150, was $305)

Sur La Table Le Creuset Signature Oval Dutch Oven in Honey

Get one pot like this and you will be able to accomplish most of your kitchen tasks in it – perfect stews, slow cooked feasts, soups, side dishes, and even baked bread. And all of that in signature honey color! The tight fitting lid will ensure that everything you cook retains the desired flavor and moisture. At the end of the process you can serve right from this pot and be proud to display master French craftsmanship.

Sur La Table Le Creuset Signature Oval Dutch Oven

Le Creuset Multifunctional Pan, 2.5 QT ($200, was $285)

Sur La Table Le Creuset Multifunctional Pan

If you are looking for a versatile cookware that is also 2-in-1, look no further. For one great price you will get a deep pan and a skillet. The skillet also serves as a tight lid for the deeper pan. Thanks to even heat, you can make soups in one and grilled sandwiches in another to go together. The cleanup is a breeze and the look is timeless. It comes in four different colors.

Le Creuset Pate Terrine ($210, was $285)

Sur La Table Le Creuset Curved Oven and Pate Terrine

All your meatloaves, lasagnas, pates, custards, cakes, and breads will never be the same when cooked in this terrine. It is made by sand-casting, polished by hand, has two coats of enamel, and is finished with two firings.

This cookware will retain heat for as long as you will need it. It follows vintage style of 30’s and 40’s and will look good in every kitchen. It won’t stain, scratch, or absorb odors.

Le Creuset Signature Round Dutch Oven, 1 Qt. ($115, was $155)

Sur La Table Le Creuset Signature Round Dutch Oven

Four beautiful colors and one iconic image later you can cook your perfect meal and eat it too. Whether you need to simmer something for a long time or cook a pot of soup fast, this is your dish to do it in with style.