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Vegan Soups and Smoothies Delivered

Splendid Spoon Raspberry Cacao

If you are at the crossroads with your diet and desire healthier living, consider a small change and include more veggies and fruit to the way you eat. I did and haven’t looked back since.

It’s actually easier than you think. Yes, frozen and fast food might seem convenient and fast, especially when life keeps you busy, but healthier options are everywhere. Vitamins are great, but they are supplements only and can’t substitute fresh produce, so don’t fall for them easily.

Splendid Spoon Discount

One of the first steps you can take towards cleaner living is looking for local framers’ markets in your city and visiting them every week. You can become a part of farm-to-table movement and discover a whole new way of eating. I certainly did and even started following some health bloggers on Instagram to get extra inspiration.

Splendid Spoon Discount Offer

While all that was great at the beginning, I saw how easy it was to fall back into my old habits and blame it all on lack of time. Who has time and desire to get up earlier and make healthy smoothies?

Splendid Spoon Dragon Fruit Smoothie

I certainly didn’t and so a lot of produce ended up going bad. I also tried making a huge pot of healthy soup on Sundays for the entire week, but by Wednesday I couldn’t stand it. And that’s just me! I can’t even imagine the difficulties that people face when they have to feed a family!

Slendid Spoon Red Beet Buddha Bowl

My salvation was a random coworker whom I saw drinking something that looked amazing. He had a colorful smoothie from Splendid Spoon and I got intrigued. He was happy to share the where and the how, and the next think I know I was checking their site on my phone.

Splendid Spoon Green Smoothie

What is Splendid Spoon?

The company specializes in subscription delivery of vegan soups and smoothies. Customers choose from a huge variety of ingredients and recipes that fit their palate and their budget. The orders are customizable, come pre-portioned and ready to be heated or consumed as is.

Splendid Spoon Ready-to-Eat Smoothies

The Splendid Spoon subscription service is very affordable, even more so than buying fresh groceries from local farmers and letting them go bad. That’s not to say that you should never buy fresh veggies and fruit, but with Splendid Spoon you won’t have to do it so often. Most importantly, you won’t have to waste any food because soups and smoothies don’t go bad, or at least not as fast.

To get started, I signed up for breakfast and lunch delivery, leaving some freedom for dinner. This option includes 5 soups and 5 smoothies for a week.

Splendid Spoon Ready-to-Eat Soups

The very first morning after the delivery arrived nicely packed in a box I got up and, without having to worry about any preparation, grabbed the Power Greens Smoothie and was out the door with my healthy and easy breakfast. I loved this smoothie! It has Kale for iron and bananas for sweet taste and fiber. It actually made me feel full all the way until lunch, which was always hard to achieve with my homemade smoothies.

Raspberry Cacao Splendid Spoon Smoothie

Lunch was a cup of Green Split Pea soup sitting in the refrigerator waiting to be heated up. Simple, right? It also saved time and money I used to spend going out for every lunch. The peas is one of my favorite vegetables; so needless to say, I loved the taste of this recipe. A touch of Tarragon gave a nice kick to the soup and ensured that I’ll be back for more. It also had extra virgin olive oil for protein and feeling of fullness. Even though I had my doubts looking at the size of the cup, I felt full and not heavy after this lunch. The rest of the meals had me completely hooked and ready to become a faithful customer for a long time.

Splendid Spoon Green Split Pea Soup

Let’s talk about the money a little. I calculated that I was spending close to a $100 on fresh produce every week. And yes, a big part of all that was getting spoiled before I would get to it. The weekly plan from Splendid Spoon costs $95, and that’s not just vegetables, that’s entire menu of breakfasts and lunches covered!

Splendid Spoon Smoothie with Bananas

Finally, what I love the most is savings of time. I can now enjoy a huge variety of meals day in and day out without any time spent for preparation. I also know that all options are really healthy and plant-based. I can now devote more time for my family, friends, and myself. Instead of standing at the pot for a couple of hours on Sundays, I now go to the gym instead. All of those changes made me lose a few pounds already and that’s with open dinner options where I can indulge a little after eating very healthy all day long.

Splendid Spoon Wellness Shot

Splendid Spoon showed me that fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy anymore and that healthy food isn’t time-consuming or expensive. I am definitely in for a long run.

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