Snow & Ice Box from KiwiCo Review

KiwiCo Snow & Ice Box

This box is all about winter fun and projects that inspire young researchers to observe the rules of natures and understand how they work. So if it’s winter time and the holiday season is coming KiwiCo Snow & Ice box is what your kid needs to stay busy these long winter evenings. In the KiwiCo box you will find instructions and materials for ice painting, a hanging snowflake mobile and penguin bowling!

Snow & Ice Box

So let’s have a look at the contents of the box. It has 3 ice cube molds, an ice cube tray, 3 powdered paints, paint scoop, 3 postcards, a mess mat, 12 paper circles, mobile frame, 4 strings, 2 foam snowflakes, foam ball, 2 foam rectangles, 2 plastic squares, ink pad, 5 penguins, 5 foam feet, cling sticker sheet, a dry-erase marker, a suction cup with hook, instruction sheet and Imagine magazine.

Postcard Ice Painting

Postcard Ice Painting Materials

The first project from the box is Postcard Ice Painting. You will need ice mold set, paint powder, a scoop and watercolor postcards. The project is messy so make sure you cover the workspace with mess mat.

Ice Mold Set

Put the molds into the base and remove the caps. Use a scoop to add some red paint powder to the mold. Repeat this step for blue and yellow paint.

Add Paint Powder to the Mold

Pour warm water into the molds and stir till the paint powder dissolves. Close the caps tightly and put the molds in the freezer.

Close the Caps Tightly

After the paint turns into ice take it out of the fridge and use the molds as a brush to paint colorful sky on the postcard! My some loves to experiment with color. He was thrilled to be able to mix the powders to create different colors.

Snowflake Mobile

KiwiCo Snowflake Mobile

Create exclusive room decorations that would add festive spirit before the holiday.

KiwiCo Stamp

First, you need to create a stamp with the handle. It’s a messy project so it would be best to cover the work place with mess mat.

Create a Stamp

Then dab the ink pad into the snowflake and press it down on a paper circle.

Make More Snowflakes

Make more snowflakes and weave them onto the string.

Poke the strings through the middle holes in the hanger. Hang up your mobile with the help of the suction cup.

Penguin Bowling

KiwiCo Penguin Bowling

You will need penguin pieces, a ball, stickers and a whiteboard marker.

Decorate the penguins with stickers and paint their faces using the marker.

Slide the penguin pieces together.

Penguin Bowling

Place your penguins on the floor and arrange them as kegels in bowling. Then roll the ball and see how many you have knocked over. That’s really fun and my child would play over and over again.

KiwiCo Snow & Ice Box Imagine Magazine

Imagine magazine is also awesome, with snowflake maze and easy to understand explanations about how snowflakes are made. Find 5 differences is my son’s favorite educational activity and it’s so nice they have it in the magazine.

KiwiCo Snow & Ice Box Imagine Magazine