Smartass & Sass Welcome to the Shitshow

Smartass & Sass Welcome to the Shitshow

Smartass and Sass box always makes me smile. Some things can be tacky and not super sophisticated, but we all can use some laughs or at least smiles these days with COVID and upcoming elections holding us hostage.

Smartass and Sass Discounts

When I open a new Smartass and Sass box, I always find at least a few items to smile about. This time I even laughed out loud when I read what the box of bandages says – it applies to my son on a daily basis! The rest of the items are cute, great for entertaining, and perfect for guest bathrooms. I’ll take all of this fun for just $34.95 every month without hesitation and enjoy all the items when I need a little mood lift. Every box includes 5-7 full size items, which are retailed for a lot more than just $35. See Smartass & Sass coupons here.

Smartass & Sass Deals

If I ever find some items that I don’t have a need for, my kids or friends usually take them with pleasure, so nothing ever goes to waste. I am not sure how long I will continue with this subscription service, but I am a loyal customer for now because of good price and much needed entertainment arriving at my door every month.

This is the funnies I received this month:

  • Barely Functioning enamel pin from Holly Oddly - $10

Barely Functioning Enamel Pin

This pin is for the days when you just can’t. When nothing goes your way, you might as well put this pin on and go to bed early. The company is owned by a woman, which is always a plus. She says things that come from her reality and her heart, and so many of us can relate to that.

  • Lemon Lush Cuticle Balm from Badgerface Beauty Supply - $4.29

Forget dry and cracked cuticles with the help of this balm. It is made with cocoa butter, vitamin E, and essential oils of chamomile, lavender, and lemon. So now you have no reason to show your unsightly nails to anyone!

  • But First Coffee Stickers & You Are Too Close Necklace from S&S - $33

You Are Too Close Necklace

The stickers can be glued anywhere, even outside, to let everybody know that they shouldn’t talk to you before you had your morning Joe. The necklace is a safeguard for corona social distance, because if you can read what it says, you are too close for comfort.

  • Siri, Remove My Makeup cloth from Lauryn’s Garden - $12

Remove My Makeup cloth

It sure would be nice if Siri can do that, but this environment-friendly cloth is the next best thing. You won’t need any creams and makeup removing chemicals. This cloth just needs water and it will wipe even water-proof mascara in no time. It is washable, so you can use it over and over again.

  • Unknown Injury Bandages from Gift Republic - $6

Smartass&Sass Unknown Injury Bandages

When I saw these, I LOL’ed. My son comes to me about twice everyday asking for a band aid for his small unknown injuries. He needs a band aid for every little red spot and these will be perfect. They say such things as: F*ck Knows, You Should See The Other Guy, I Don’t Remember, Sh*t Happens, and more. Perfect to a T!

  • Welcome to The Shitshow Mist & It’s Your Meds Case from S&S - $20

Smartass and Sass Meds Case

This mist is sheer perfection for my guest bathroom. It smells like coconut and lavender and will keep all the shitshows there at bay.

The pill case says: “If you’re happy and you know it, it’s your meds”. I can see my grandma laughing as she takes her pills every day, because that’s where this pill case is going.

  • What Day Is It? acrylic flute from Sprinkled with Pink - $8

Smartass and Sass Acrilyc Flute

Every lady, especially me, needs to get lost with a flute of prosecco sometimes. Come Friday and I will be enjoying my happy hour with this unbreakable flute in hand in my cabana overlooking all the changing leaf colors.

The total value of all the items comes to $93.29, which is a lot higher than what the box costs. So I say keep the jokes coming, Smartass and Sass!