Silicone Baking Shapes from Chewy

Chewy Silicone Baking Essentials

I recently started making my own home baked dog treats. I have wanted to do it for a long time, because I can’t imagine that store-bought ones with all kinds of chemicals and preservatives would be better for him. In fact, if you read labels, you will be surprised how much unneeded stuff those treats contain, almost like for humans.

I don’t give Marlo too many treats anyway, and when I do, why give him something that is no good for him? If I make my own, I know what kind of flour I use, how sweet I make them, and I am definitely not adding any flavor enhancers and preservatives.

All that being said, I love baking my own treats for Marlo. The first time I made peanut butter cookies for him, I discovered that I don’t have any dog shapes. Not a tragedy, I made them with Christmas cookie cutters and they were fine. Next time I made apple donuts and had only six silicone donut shapes, so I reduced the recipe in half - again not a huge issue. But as I was ready to bake more often, I understood that it would be nice to have silicone shapes of bones and dog paws. So I went to Chewy.

Chewy Silicone Baking Shapes

Chewy is my primary source of everything dog related, from toys to treats and other supplies. They have amazing prices, customer service, fast free shipping on $49+, and sales. I found two silicone shapes from Win&Co. One is a large bone shaped silicone baking dish and another is a set of two silicone baking sheets for small dog paws and bones. Each item was $12.99, so I also added a chest harness from Puppia for $16.90 and a very cute Frisco Halloween plush bat for $6.98 to get to free shipping threshold.

Bone Shaped Silicone Baking Dish

I ordered everything in the morning and by evening 3 out of 4 items were shipped. Next morning by 11am Chewy box was waiting at my door. Even Amazon can’t do it that fast! The bat toy was shipped next day and will be here one day later. See why I love Chewy so much?

The Win&Co silicone shapes are rather simple, but we won’t have to make Christmas tree shaped cookies in summer for Marlo. Silicone ensures that it’s very easy to get baked cookies out without breaking them and without using knives to pry them away from the shape walls.

Chewy Silicone Baking Mold

I don’t think Marlo cares what shape of a cookie or a donut he is eating, but kids and I do. The cookie shapes are a bit on a small size though and I didn’t see that in the description anywhere, but since it’s a set of two trays, I won’t complain. Another big shape is a tad too big, made for a full size cake, but I will also take that and slice the cake into many bone shaped slices.

To my surprise Chewy didn’t have many choices of silicone treat baking sheets or I just didn’t know what keywords to type in the search box. Either way I am happy I found these and will be testing them in the next few days!