Safari From KiwiCo

Safar Box from KiwiCo

You don’t even need to leave the country to see the lion, zebra, elephant or crocodile. With Safari box from KiwiCo you can see all these majestic animals up close and right in your yard. How? - you may ask. Well, in a puppet show!

Safari Box Kit

The Safari box contains a kit for making cute safari puppets of the most commonly seen animals in Africa. You will get felt puppets and stickers, textured tummies and wiggle eyes.  

Add the Face and Textured Tummy

First make sure you sort the felt stickers by animal. Then add the face and textured tummy. Finish with wiggle eyes.

Your puppet characters are ready to act in the play of yours!

Safari from KiwiCo Puppet Characters

When you go to safari trip you need binoculars to see all the wild animals in your safari search in the savanna. To make it you will need two binocular pieces, a foam sticker and a string. Just follow the instructions to make it fit like a puzzle and don’t forget to tie the string to both sides so you could wear it on your neck.

Safari from KiwiCo Animal Cards

Once it is ready you can go on your own safari. All you need is a pair of binoculars and safari puppets you have already made. Go and find them all!

Safari from KiwiCo Animal Card

Finally there is a small box with animal cards and kids can match the parts of animals to complete their bodies.     

Safari Box Kit Imagine Magazine

You can expand your kid’s knowledge about African animals using Imagine magazine. There is a nice safari story to read, along with another DIY project Safari Tracks. You will be given instructions how to make safari tracks on the paper and the players will have to guess who has left them. Plus you can read your child interesting information about wild animals like giraffes, hippopotamuses, lions and more.

About Wild African Animals

If you want to get your kid learn about wild African animals there is no better way than Safari from KiwiCo box!