VacherinVacherin is French dessert. It is usually made with meringue that is filled with whipped cream or sometimes ice cream. There are two ways you can make it. You can stack rings of meringue in a way that they make a bowl shape, which can be used for ice cream. Another, more popular way, is to stack layers of meringue like cake with whipped cream, layers of fruit or ice cream in between.


Special French Meringue


  • Egg whites 250 g
  • Sugar (1) 50 g
  • Sugar (2) 200 g
  • Confectioner’s sugar 250 g


Add egg whites and sugar (1) to the mixer and mix. Add some sugar (2) in the process of whipping and the rest of the sugar (2) at the end of the mixing.

Add sifted confectioner’s sugar gently with the maryse.

Take the silpat and make some round disc shapes with pipe of about 16 cm across. Sprinkle some powdered sugar on top and then bake at 100 degrees Celsius for about hour with open vent.

Building vacherin:

Put a disc of meringue on the bottom and add some vanilla gelato on top, smooth. Add another disk of meringue and put sorbet on top. Pipe gelato and sorbet with the help of St. Honore tip. Finish your creation with French baked meringues and Chantilly cream on the sides of your Vacherin.