Raddish Gourmet Gobble Box

Raddish Gourmet Gobble Box

Since November is here and Thanksgiving feast is coming, I had no doubt that our next Raddish box will have something to do with this holiday. Thankfully, it did and I was excited for kids to read about it and to make something for Thanksgiving dinner or before.

Gourmet Gobble Box

My kids love helping out in the kitchen, especially when recipes are made specifically for them, and Raddish totally fits the bill. Each box is themed and targets kids. The goal of this monthly subscription box is to foster kids’ love for cooking and understanding how food ensures our health and well-being.

Gourmet Gobble Box Deals

Since I am not very passionate in the kitchen, I always appreciate any help I can get for my cooking inspiration and that of the kids. I firmly believe that kids should learn how to cook before they leave parents’ house to live on their own. Both my son and daughter will not have to rely on some unhealthy fast food even if I am not around when they are in college, they will know how to cook.

Raddish box costs $24/month or $20/month with yearly subscription. This is a very small price to pay for a lot of entertainment for kids. The box doesn’t come with any ingredients, but we are not looking for meal kits here. All I need is those three nicely printed and illustrated recipes that kids would like to make on their own with a little supervision.

Raddish Box Fancy Feathers

My daughter just turned 10 and she is always excited about cooking something for us. She gets to pick a recipe and then I am on my way to get whatever ingredients we don’t have at home, which is usually very few.

Embroidered Turkey Patch

Each box also comes with a gift – some kind of kitchen tool. Last month it was silicone measuring cup and this time it’s a red whisk. A couple of months ago we got a set of 6 red silicone donut shapes.

Raddish kitchen tool

I guess it’s a red collection for kids and it’s lovely. There is also an embroidered patch in each box and this month it surely was a turkey.

Now let’s take a look at what else have found in the box this time:

Raddish Box Recipes

First and foremost – there are the recipes. What we liked best is, without a doubt, Baked Mac & Cheese. My kids have always loved it, but me being from Europe I never took time to make the real baked mac & cheese, it was always organic packaged mac & cheese. So when I saw this recipe, I knew my kids will want to make it.

Baked Mac & Cheese

The macaroni recipe is really not difficult and besides mustard powder and three different cheeses for grating, I had everything else in my fridge and pantry. My daughter enjoyed cooking pasta, making the cheese and milk sauce, and then waiting for 15 minutes until the baked finisher of this delicious meal. And it definitely was delicious, even I had to admit it, and I am not very big on pasta.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars Recipes

Another recipe was Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars, which is a little iffy, because none of us really like pumpkin. We’ll have to see about that later.

Thanksgiving Vegetable Trio Recipe

The third recipe is Thanksgiving Vegetable Trio, which will come very handy on Thanksgiving Day. We will be spending it with a few other families on the beach and will have some nice time to make Spinach Gratin, Orange-Glazed Carrots, or Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts.

Raddish Recipe Shopping Lists

There is also a card with all three recipe shopping lists, table talk cards, and a little Thanksgiving Dinner Poll game about favorite foods from traditional Thanksgiving table. This might come very handy at the dinner with friends, because the poll asks for 8 participants and there will be 8 kids.

Raddish Tabletalk Cards

Our favorite part of every box is definitely the recipes. We don’t usually make all three, but at least one or two. Some people might think that $20 for 3 recipes is quite expensive, especially when internet is full of millions and millions of them, but I would disagree. I will pay $20 for somebody else to come with a recipe, to print it nicely, and to let my babies follow it on their own. Thank you, Raddish, and keep up the good work!