Publix Shopping for WW

Publix Grocery Shopping for Weight Watchers

Publix has been my go to grocery store for years, I know people there and I know where my essential items are. This last time I went there, it felt a little different, and it’s not only because fall is in the air. Yesterday I finally took a plunge and signed up for WW. Yes, it turns out self-care can start on a random Wednesday!

I have been a faithful gym goer for 3 years, until a back injury has put me out of that scene. Some rest was nice, but I saw my weight creeping up a little and I didn’t like it. I haven’t liked it for a while now, but yesterday was finally the day when I decided to take some action against those unwanted pounds.

Publix Grocery Deals

While my WW experience will be a whole separate subject and I’m just starting, I have to admit that change feels good right away. To indulge in this change fully and completely I went to Publix to get not only what I usually get, but some extra produce to be a good weight losing girl.

My Publix trips are not as frequent since I discovered Instacart, but I still go in myself to touch apples and tomatoes from time to time. However, I got very used to the convenience Instacart offers and entrust them with all my shopping more and more often. They will go to any stores I want and save me valuable time that I can spend taking care of the house or enjoying my family.

Here is my latest Publix shopping list:

First, I always have some plastic bags to recycle and enjoy the fact that Publix has special bins right outside the door for that. It’s always my first stop.

Publix Special Bins for Recicle Plastic

As soon as I walk in, I make a right and pass the special sales stand, which is usually filled with seasonal flowers and seasonal produce.

Publix Seasonal Flowers

After that, there are always some bins with BOGO Free juices, condiments, snacks, oils, broths, and many other products for every kitchen. I usually need something there.

Publix Sale Section

My important destination is deli, where I get roast beef and crackers for kids’ lunches.

Crackers for Kids’ Lunches

I will have to examine the snack islands for stuff that will agree with WW philosophy for myself next time I stop there. This time my priority was veggies and fruit.

Fresh Sourdough Bread

My entire family can’t live without fresh sourdough bread, so I get it every time, but will have to slow down on it myself. This is the only bread I like, so I won’t really need any substitutions, because nothing else will work.

Publix Raw Meat Section

Raw meat section is definitely a necessity for me – we use a lot of chicken (every part but breast), beef steaks, pork ribs, ground beef, and sometimes ground turkey.

Chiken at Publix

I fully understand that I will be switching to lean meats with WW and it’s perfectly fine. My husband always requests more fish in our menu, so I will gladly cook more of it now.

Publix Yogurts

Kefir, yogurts, sour cream, and other dairy products are very important to us, so I’m always getting all of that.

Dairy Products at Publix

My son, for instance, would die in half a day without milk, so it’s something we can never run out of.

Publix Milk Shopping

I don’t believe in reduced fat dairy, so I’ll stick to my regular stuff, but smaller quantities based on WW recommendations.

Publix’s Georgia Local Section

I always enjoy supporting local businesses and farmers and thus love Publix’s Georgia Local section. Here I can get local jams, seasoning, sauces, honey, beer, and even coffee. Not sure how coffee can be local to Georgia, but what do I know.

Publix Pasta Section

Next is pasta section. I know it’s a big no no from WW, especially regular pasta, but I still have to raise kids and it’ll take them some time to get used to lentil spaghetti.

Organic Tomato Sauce at Publix

Next door is organic tomato sauce for just 99c per can. I use it in my cooking quite often and always have some on Instacart shopping list. This and chicken broth.

Publix Frozen Meal Section

I never buy anything from frozen meal section, but this time I wanted to see if there was anything from WW and unfortunately there was nothing at all.

Diet Meals at Publix

I saw meals from Path of Life, Atkins, Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine, Martha Stewart, and a ton more, but no WW. I’ll have to ask about that in my next WW workshop.

Publix Cleaning Section

Cleaning section is stocked with scrubbing bubbles, sponges, toilet bowl cleaners, dishwasher detergent packs, and Tide pods – all much needed items in my house that WW wouldn’t mind at all.

Dshwasher Detergent Packs

On the way to my last destination (produce) I pass chips section, where I buy cheese puffs and Funnyons from time to time for my kids.

Cheese Puffs and Funnyons

I don’t crave chips, so this will be safe even with WW.

Kombucha for Weight Loss

Next on my list – kombucha. This amazing drink is perfect for my entire family. Kids love it and are getting us bankrupt with their kombucha obsession. They can drink two bottles each every day and I really don’t mind it all. Each bottle has just 60 calories, no artificial sugar, and billions of probiotics. WW won’t mind this either. From time to time Publix runs a promotional 2 for $5, which saves $2.78 on 2 bottles. When I find this, I load up on kombucha as much as I can.

Publix Fruit and Veggies

Next – fruit and veggies.

Publix Pears and Pomegranates

I always go for oranges, plums, apples, pears, pomegranates, persimmons, and bananas.

Publix Bananas

Then I pick up grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries as they all go with kids to school.

Publix Strawberries and Blueberries

Now, thanks to WW, they will be going to my snack plate as well.

Publix Veggies Shopping

Finally, I get cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados, fresh corn, cabbage, beats, and potatoes.

Publix Fresh Corn

This last one won’t fly too well with WW and this will be my most difficult aspect of the whole diet. I can’t live a day without potatoes. So I might just have to cheat a little.

Publix Potatoes Shopping

Finally, I almost never leave Publix without flowers because I am a queen and I deserve them. When I hire Instacart, I always request flowers as well.

Publix Flowers Shopping

All in all, I can see that my shopping with WW recommendations in mind won’t be that much different. I’ll just have to stay away from potatoes, which means that somebody might have to blindfold me as I pass that section. Otherwise I am ready for this WW journey with Publix and Instacart behind me for support.

Publix Shopping