Products to Keep Fruits and Veggies Fresh Longer

If you are like most of us, sometimes you might run out of time to use your veggies in a timely fashion and find them wilted and withered. Despite the name, veggie crispers don’t do much in keeping them crispy for long. So what do we do?

We all have tricks up our sleeve how to keep our produce fresher longer, but if you are working on making your kitchen more sustainable, you can really benefit from some innovative ways to keep your thyme green or dill crisp. And that doesn’t have to involve wrapping them in a damp paper towel.

Read on to find some really cool gadgets that might just help you spend less and use what you have longer. After all, nobody can argue that extending shelf life is a great option.

  • Silicon food savers

If you ever use just half of tomato, lemon, lime, or anything else, get these and don’t waste another half again.

  • Herb savers

If you would like your herbs to last three times longer, store them in these BPA-free cool looking containers that fit perfectly in the door of your fridge. Your herbs will breathe and won’t wilt.

  • Reusable food storage bags

Don’t ever waste your money and effort on plastic bags. Try these BPA-free, self-sealing, and airtight multi-use bags. They will work perfectly for liquids, all other foods, and will survive dishwasher without a glitch.

  • Reusable Bee’s Wrap

This reusable wrap is made of beeswax, tree resin, and organic jojoba oil. It will replace all kinds of plastic wraps you have ever used. It is perfect to wrap just about everything – cheese, fruit, veggies, crusty breads, a sandwich, and even pies.

  • Produce storage savers

The containers are airtight and have small ventilation holes to keep your produce fresh longer. The bottom of the container keeps moisture away and safeguards your leafy greens from rot.

food savers

  • Cloth storage bags for fresh vegetables

The cloth bags are made of completely organic cotton and protect your veggies from all elements that can make them wilt. All you have to do is wet the bags, put your carrots in, and store them in the refrigerator. Keep the bag moist.

  • Silicone food storage bags

The name does not do the bags justice, that’s for sure. You have to look past the name and recognize that you can now throw away all your Ziplocs for your own benefit and for the environment’s. The silicone bags are tough and secure enough for liquids and for dishwashers.

  • Beer savers

No more flat beer! If there are times that you don’t feel like finishing that bottle of beer, you can just close it back up and it will stay as fresh as first opened when you are ready to continue.

  • 4-in-1 jar kit for juicing, grating, and storing

If you like meal prep, this is definitely for you. If you don’t – it’s also for you as you can use this jar combo for various spiralizing, juicing, and grating veggies projects.

  • An airtight storage container set

These beautiful containers not only protect your food from spoiling, but can be thrown in the bag for lunch at work and will never spill. Did we say that they also look good?

produce savers

  • Avocado hugger

If you like avocados, you definitely know what happens when you leave half of it in the fridge until tomorrow. To avoid browning, try these cute silicon avocado huggers.

  • Veggie life extenders for the fridge crisper

The foam savers not only look good, but also extend the life of your produce by allowing air circulation in the crisper drawers.

  • Banana bunker

Have you heard of Banana Bunker, a ribbed plastic tube to protect bananas when in transit? If not, you might not be the only one. If yes, you are also not alone in this knowledge.

This rather extraordinary looking container garnered some uncanny comparisons every time Groupon tried to advertise it. Not deterred, the social media team took some action to make it mainstream.

Bill Roberts, head of the global communications for Groupon, assigned three out five people from social media team to respond to comments about the Banana Bunker on the thread. The team responded to 150-200 comments in two hours with innocent comments and light pun intended. The success was instant – the comments went viral and all 600 Banana Bunkers were sold. If only the supply could’ve been bigger! Want to buy it from Groupon with a discount? Get it here

  • Tomato saver

Tomatoes stay fresher and crisper for longer those times when you simply can’t use the entire fruit. It looks good in the fridge too, and who doesn’t like little things that brighten crowded storage?

  • Silicone jar covers

If you constantly struggle with unfinished baby food or dog food jars or cans, struggle no more. These silicone caps will keep your or your pet’s food tasty for days.

Silicone Covers

  • A pair of linen bread bags

These are great for protecting your fresh crisp bread from elements that make it uncrisp. This is your simple solution for crisp artisan bread storage for days.

  • A pie box

This cool-looking pie box will protect your pie from elements and from little hands. The pie will not taste stale after days in this box. If you want to transport your pies fresh, you can get a box with a leather strap for carrying.

  • Onion saver

Your onion can now stay fresh longer and it doesn’t have to smell from afar. The containers are bright and are easy to spot.

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