Pet Spoiling Gifts for Holidays

Pet Spoiling Gifts for Holidays

  • Corona virus and resulting pandemic has been so good for pets that they will continue to be on top of our holiday gift lists as well.
  • All major pet retailers have stocked up more than ever before in anticipation of pet parents looking for gifts.
  • As most of us had more time this year, we adopted more pets and we played with them more, which encouraged our extra toy and treat buying sprees.

Chewy Christmas Tree Toy

From celebrities to regular people, pet fostering and adoptions were up last spring in unprecedented numbers. Some shelters were literally empty! Some pets found forever homes and others came closer to that. So we can say that 2020 was a very good year for pets, even if didn’t rock the human world quite as much.

As the end of this rotten year is drawing closer and holiday shopping is about to hit the high notes, pet industry is ready to accommodate the needs of all the pets in our life. Pet boom of 2020 will no doubt increase the demand for dog food, cat towers, and cute little Christmas sweaters.

Pet Beds Holiday Deals

Pets had our backs this year and so they rightfully deserve to be on top of Christmas lists. According to various researches, pet owners are ready to indulge their furry loves and plan on spending $90 on average per pet this season. We are going to spoil our own pets and those of our friends and family with pet beds, toys, décor, and accessories.

Petsmart Toys for Holidays

Walmart is ready to sell us over 3 million pet beds, Chewy is coming out with a line of blankets, mugs, and bandanas ready to be personalized, and PetSmart will have a ton of Christmas pet clothing for everybody, from dogs to bearded dragons.

No matter the budget, pets usually take priority, so even those of us who lost jobs and income, will find ways to spoil our pets this season. After all, they are always here for us through thick and thin. Pet category is rarely hit by economic recessions and this year will be no different.

Pet Toys for Holidays

Pet market has seen a steady upward trend, with expected grow of 7% in the next five years. Currently a $131 billion industry, with $53 billion just from the US, it is not going to slow down. This is especially true as many millennials are having kids later in life and parenting pets instead.

Chewy Christmas Letter to Santa

People share their pet pictures and videos on social media all the time and that alone drives the need for cute toys and fancy supplies. As young people adopt pets, they need organic food, grooming supplies, auto shipments of various products, medications, and health insurance.

COVID-19 is surprisingly bolstering migration to suburbs and house ownerships. In turn, this trend and working from home supports ability to own multiple pets, house train puppies, and take more time to walk pets. All those pets will need supplies way beyond Christmas.

Long gone are days when people owned just one collar the entire life of their dog or bough their pets the cheapest food. It’s all about organic food and custom collars these days and the industry loves it.

People are not only getting more supplies for their pets at home, but are also buying pet life jackets and special little tents as spending time in the great outdoors is becoming more popular. Puppy bowls and potty training kits are on the rise as many of us welcome new pets into our homes and hearts for the first time.

Chewy Holiday Deals

Pet retailer reflects these trends with its growing share price and market value, which is currently at $28.9 billion this year. Chewy is doing so well because it knows what modern pet parents need – on-schedule food and supplies auto shipments, which make up about 70% off all sales. The company is also launching innovative services, like telehealth, which will enable customers to get veterinarian advice over the phone.

Physical pet stores have been growing their COVID-19 sales with increased online activity and curb-side pickup options.

Walmart and Target are excited about holiday pet sales and say that about 70% of people shopping at their stores own at least 1 pet. All those people will be buying gifts in the coming 2 months.

As we are ready to close this unfortunate year, we must think about ways to thank our constant companions who helped us stay sane when we need it most. So let the excitement begin with gifts that will be accepted with thankfulness and without complaints by pets furry, scaly, and feathery!