Personalized Gift Industry on the Rise

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What shall we give to each other when so many of us have every material possession we can possibly desire? Gift giving should be about something extraordinary. We all can buy flower pots and picture frames for ourselves, but make them personalized with names and messages, and the same flower pot and picture frame will be a permanent reminder of people who love us and care about us.

Personalized Wedding Gifts

More and more people are beginning to understand and to value gifts with personal touch, as personalized gift industry’s growth proves – it quadrupled in the last 5 years. By the end of 2022 tailored gifting industry is expected to reach $77 billion, and together with personal and corporate gifts will have about 80% of retail market share.

Personalized Gifts

Millennials are among those voices who advocate gifts that are more meaningful and special. They are all about uniqueness and customization, and thanks to all the personalized gift industry players, it has never been so easy to give unforgettable gifts. Gone are days when we had to customize things ourselves. Today there is Personalization Mall and similar companies who will sell you an item, personalize it for free in 1-2 days, and will deliver it to your house in under a week.

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Personalization Mall is one example of a modern company that understands the demand and delivers flawless products. They are in the forefront of long lasting merchandise making. Such unique gifts reduce our wastefulness as we cherish them more and don’t rush to throw away. As green gifting is growing in popularity, Personalization Mall and its competitors are expanding their reach and offers. COVID-19 and resulting quarantines across the country added a big boost to online industry as a whole. Our shopping patterns are likely forever changed and e-commerce market is on track to grow by $200 billion by 2022.

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There are quite a few companies on the scene today offering their personalized services – 365Canvas, Things Remembered, Personal Creations, Personalization Mall, and many smaller players.

Personalized Ornaments

365Canvas is new on the scene, but gathering steam fast with 150,000 customers for their custom canvas, pillows, mugs, ornaments, and desktop plaques. Things Remembered has physical locations and offers slightly more expensive personalized gifts that might have fewer choices, but higher quality.

Things Remembered Gifts

Personal Creations and Personalization Mall are very similar in terms of business model, prices, and even offers.

Personal Creations and Personalization Mall

I have always favored Personalization Mall though, maybe because it was the first place I ordered a personalized flower pot for my friend and she absolutely loved it. The flower pot is still being used by her and I am still a customer of Personalization Mall. There is nothing wrong with Personal Creations and I go there sometimes, but I am a loyal person.

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Personalization Mall has thousands of gifts to choose from for everybody on my list. I like getting personalized school supplies for kids, gifts for parents that have their grandkids’ pictures, and cute towels and mugs with our names for us.

Personalization Mall Kitchen Gifts

Personalization is always free and takes 1-2 days. The quality is always great. I always find plenty of choices and amazing deals in the shape of special sales and events.

Personalized Pizza Board

I usually shop by occasion or by recipient and always look for coupons that are displayed right on the home page.

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Personalization Mall is truly my go-to place for all the gift needs and I plan keeping it that way. If industry share growth is any indication, I am not the only one feeling this way, and that’s a good thing.