Personalized Aprons from Personalization Mall

Personalized Aprons from Personalization Mall

Fall is here and that means that I will be doing more cooking than any other time of the year. I don’t even know why that happens. Sure, we have holidays coming up and all, but then it’s also birthdays of both kids, and Halloween. But even without all those special occasions, when it gets cold and dark outside, I start wanting to make comfort food and lots of it.

Personalization Mall Fall Discounts

I also enjoy updating my kitchen and getting a few new things to help me dislike cooking and baking a bit less. I am not naturally one of these people who love cooking, but I try. I have a family to feed after all and I also believe that home cooked meals are better than store bought or from restaurants. That’s not to say that I don’t absolutely love ordering deliveries and enjoying reading a book instead of cooking, but we don’t abuse it. Going out during corona pandemic is also complicated because many restaurants are either closed or offer take-out only. In short, I cook most nights of the week.

Personalization Mall fall Offers

In the spirit of renewal and updating of my kitchen, I decided to get some high quality aprons for me and my two little helpers. Kids had aprons before, but they were flimsy and too small, usually gifts from somebody when they were very small. I personally never owned an apron, probably because my mom never had it too and that’s what I grew up with.

Personalization Mall Approns

After searching for kids’ aprons, I decided to get myself one too. After all these years of cooking I deserve one too, even if I won’t be using it all the time. My go-to place for anything personalized is always Personalization Mall. They have the best prices, the highest quality, and the most streamlined process. I have ordered many things from them before and was never disappointed.

Personalization Mall Fall Coupons

Personalization Mall always has some deals going on, so you save money every time you shop. Right now the store is hosting 50% Off Countdown to Christmas sale and discounts for fall holidays and Halloween. Then there are sections with 50% or 70% off on select items. Personalization is always free and shipping can also be free with $45+ orders. See more Personalization Mall discounts here.

Cookie Baking Crew Apron

I found matching Christmas white aprons for my daughter and me and a separate one for my son. My daughter is my biggest helper, so we got “Cookie Baking Crew” together. They also have our names right under those words. My son got a Junior Baker apron, because he does need a bit more experience and interest in the kitchen stuff. I ordered the aprons on October 7th and they were shipped next day. Shipping was slow, so it took 5 days to get them, but that’s OK, we were in no rush.

Cookie Baking Crew Apron from Personalization Mall

Our aprons were on sale too, even though not the current 50% off Christmas yet. My son’s apron was $17.59, discounted from $21.99. My apron cost $29.99, but it is now $23.99, and my daughter’s was $21.99.

Christmas Apron from Personalization Mall

They all arrived nicely packed in a box and ready to be worn. The cotton they are made of is very thick and sturdy, but since they are white, I don’t expect them to stay that way for too long. But that’s fine too, because aprons are made specifically for messes.

Personalization Mall Halloween Deals

My experience with Personalization Mall was great, as always. Next on my list are Christmas decorations and personalized gifts for loved ones.