Personalization Mall Kitchen Supplies

Personalization Mall Kitchen Supplies Deals

Kitchen is not my favorite place, but it is what it is – I have family and have to cook for them almost every day, unless I make a big pot of something and then take an evening off from cooking. Those are my favorite days, but since I love feeding my family fresh food made from scratch, I don’t get such days very often.

Personalization Mall Kitchen Deals

To make my time in the kitchen more enjoyable, I decided to get some custom made kitchen supplies, such as wooden spoons and a cutting board. It’s about the little things after all and they can make a big difference. Cooking with the help of stuff that bears my name could make it all better and less painful.

Personalization Mall Wooden Spoons

Personalization Mall is always my go-to place when I need something custom made for kids, grandparents, or friends. My kids have personalized water bottles, tea cups, towels, book marks, and pencil cases from Personalization Mall. Everything I ever ordered was of highest quality and very cute. So it’s about time I got something for myself to make my cooking time brighter!

Personalized Wooden Spoons

There are three things that I need every day in my kitchen – a sturdy cutting board, a set of wooden spoons, and a pot holder. I thought about getting an apron with my name too, but I rarely use it, so only these three items made the cut.

Personalization Mall Spoons

Whenever I shop at Personalization Mall, I look for discounts, and this time was no exception. While potholder was already on sale, I saved an additional $16.49 off with a coupon code. Personalization there is always free, but shipping is not, so always look for possible promo codes.

Personalization Mall Cutting Board

Personalization Mall is known for having some kind of sales all the time. I always check On Sale Today section and look for coupons on the home page. Today you can get 25% off your order during Family and Friends sale and up to 30% off back to school, photo gifts, kitchenware, bed & bath, and up to 70% off canvas prints. Not bad, right?

PersonalizationMall Pot Holder

While I never had any problems with delivery, this time it was a little more complicated. First of all, it took about 10 days to get my order here. It’s never 2 day or anything, but it normally doesn’t take 10 days either. I almost wrote to them to ask about it, but then I got a box delivered by FedEx that was all mangled and open on the top and bottom. I was very surprised to find all my items there. It’s a pure miracle that nothing fell out!

Personalization Mall Kitchen Offers

Another concern right away was to see how badly damaged everything was. But to my surprise, everything was in perfect shape. The utensils were packed in a sturdy plastic, pot holder in a bag, and the bamboo board was secure in a thick paper box. It was a relief because the last thing I would like to do is start calling customer service and complaining. And it was probably the delivery service that mishandled the box, not even Personalization Mall.

Cook with Personalized Wooden Spoon

Long story short, I love everything I got. The spoons are sturdy and with sharp edges, which is what I like. The pot holder looks white and crispy, which won’t be for long, but that’s a part of life. And the board is very nice – heavy, made of light and darker bamboo, and perfectly smooth. The only thing is that part of personalization on the board is on a light wood and another part is on the dark, so the letters are a bit hard to read, but it’s definitely not a reason for complaints.

Cook with Personalization Mall Cutting Board

I have yet to see if my cooking mood is going to improve with all this personalization, but there is definitely hope, because I love looking at all the new things. They are displayed on my counter now and will be put to use ASAP, even though I feel a bit sad about messing my pretty board.

Cook with Personalization Mall Spoons

I am thinking about upgrading my bathroom things next, because you can never have too many personalized things in your house!