Personalization Mall Baking Mania

Personalization Mall Baking Deals

As soon as my calendar announces that it’s September, I fly in all consuming fall mood. It might still be scorching hot outside here in the South, but for me it’s all pumpkins, cinnamon, apple picking, baking, and planning for Thanksgiving. Yes, I know, I can be a little overbearing, but half the fun for me is in the anticipation, and not the actual celebration.

My boys and husband know that in September our kitchen will get a facelift. I will be shopping for autumn décor, orange color towels will be hung, hand soap will have something to do with apples and pears, and some new dishes will find their way into our home.

I love browsing at Home Goods and Nordstrom, but this corona year everything feels different. Shelves in my favorite stores are half empty and I often don’t feel like shopping with all he masks and hand sanitizers. This year I have no desire to skimp of kitchen improvements just in time for fall, but I decided to go a little differently about it.

Personalization Mall Baking Offer

2020 is a year that will go down in history, and as such it should be remembered forever. And what better reminder that personalized kitchen supplies? I think this is as good as it gets. And with this thinking I went right to my favorite Personalization Mall. I shopped there numerous times and the experience has been consistently great. I was pretty sure they had my back this time as well.

What I really like about Personalization Mall is their quality, fast delivery, and constant sales. I have never shopped there without taking advantage of some sort of deals and promo codes. First of all, personalization is always free. Second, shipping is often free with $45+ orders. And third, you will almost always find some great items at 30-40% off. All the deals are listed right on the home page and reduced prices are displayed next to products on various lists, so you can see deals without even looking.

Personalization Mall Baking Offer

What I always need for baking season is new baking dishes and pans. This year I set my sights on a ceramic medium depth red casserole dish with two handles for $37. I don’t know if we will go for a huge turkey this year, but a couple of chickens will definitely fit there nicely, or a green bean casserole with mushroom sauce. To make matters even more special, I got my sons’ names on it – made by Vanya and Michael. My boys love cooking and I encourage them all the time, because every man should know how to cook. I know they will be using this dish often to serve delicious food from it. And when they leave the nest, I will always have it and cherish it.

Another thing that I really needed for my kitchen this fall was a utensil holder for my wooden spoons and spatulas, which I also got from Personalization Mall a while back. I wanted it in red, because kitchen towels will be red and the new casserole dish is also red. I found the perfect little bucket for $18.79, which is reduced from $25. It is metal, cute, and has just enough space for my kids’ names too. My kitchen is grey, so red color like this really pops out and gives cool fall vibes.

My order came in just 4 days and now I can enjoy preparations for my favorite season in style and festive mood. Thank you again, Personalization Mall!