Peapod Coupons October 2023

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Save Online on Groceries with Peapod

It might be Sunday night and you might be getting all anxious about your family meals next week. Furthermore, you might be stressing out just thinking about fitting a grocery store run into your busy schedule. Here is when we come in to tell you that stress is not needed and that grocery trip might also not be needed. Grocery shopping online is on the rise, and with companies like Peapod, it’s easy to see why.

If you live in an area that is serviced by Peapod, consider yourself lucky and enlist their help. To take it one step further, Peapod recently partnered with The Dinner Daily and now your dinner plans are one click away, literally, on “one click ordering”. There is no better combination for convenience than this!

Busy people are letting go of “I have to pick my own fruit” argument and turning to online shopping every day. That control over oranges and carrots does not stand a chance when it comes to huge time savings and stress relief. Finally, Peapod will never disappoint you with grocery selection.

You can choose between two ways of getting your groceries:

  • Everything can be delivered to your door
  • You can use curbside pick-up at selected Peapod stores, such as Stop & Shop, Martins, and Giant.

By entering your zip code on the Peapod website, you can find out which services will be available to you.

B new and experienced users of Peapod can benefit from these 5 ways Peapod makes your life easier and helps you save, so read on:

  • Delivery Coupons

Most people that decide not to shop for groceries online feel that way because of delivery fees. Companies understand that and try to make the experience more attractive by reducing or completely eliminating fees. Peapod is no exception and offers free delivery for the first 60 days. After all, you have to experience the convenience for yourself before you can put a price on it.

  • One click ordering with Dinner Daily

As we mentioned before, this partnership enables you to decide on a meal and get all ingredients you will need to make it happen with just one click. Your Dinner Daily shopping list will be sent to Peapod shopping cart right away. The list is also editable, so you can add or subtract whatever else you need or don’t need. There is nothing easier than getting all your daily meals covered and adjustments made if needed.

  • Express Shop

If you use this feature, you won’t have to waste time roaming the isles, looking for one elusive thing or another. Peapod makes it easier with Express Shop, where things are found for you in a speedy manner. All you have to do is enter the products you need in Express Shop box and let Peapod find them right away. You can walk through your entire list faster this way that it would take you to find two items in the actual store.

  • Double Coupons

Peapod is coupon friendly. They double manufacturer’s coupons and offer their own weekly deals on the website, and even have some great discounts for Stop & Shop and Giant markets, where customers can earn gas and A+ school rewards.

  • Order Genius

Order Genius makes your shopping experience even more pleasant – it tracks your past purchases and can automatically prepopulate your shopping cart with things you buy most often. You will only need minutes to shop when using this tool.

Given all this information and free 60 day delivery, there should be nothing holding you back from giving Peapod and Dinner Daily a try. You can link those accounts easily and get right on with your life while shopping and delivery is done for you.