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Best Sites for Ordering Meat Online

We can get all kinds of ready foods and groceries delivered to our door – pizza only days are long gone. With modern technology and focus on healthy farm-to-table eating our options are endless. The same goes for high quality gourmet raw meats – you can get all kinds with a click of a button.

It used to be that gourmet meat was a form of luxury that was often associated with first class kind of people, but not so these days. Today’s delivered meat is very similar to cuts from a grocery store, in price only, and the only thing you will have to sacrifice will be a friendly chat you and your butcher might be having while getting your steaks cut for you.

We are not trying to say that you can’t get extremely expensive meat if you desire so. The Exotic Meat Market caters to those of us who have a rather unconventional taste and limitless budget – alpaca, otter, and even farm-raised lion meat can be had for a cool $50,000 per pound.

For most of us, beef delivery is satisfactory, especially when combined with reasonable prices. Some people might have reservations about letting somebody else hand-pick their meats, but those reservations usually evaporate after the first delivery. The fine delivery companies definitely take great care of you and your steak.

Without further ado let’s look at 5 well-respected meat delivery companies and let’s free up some freezer space:

Omaha Steaks

Lots of people get to know Omaha Steaks after getting them as a gift. Whichever way you meet them, it’s easy to get hooked and become a loyal customer. The company has been in meat business for over a century and has been delivering raw meats since 1952. This is enough time to gather experience and to really know a thing or two about meat. This is the reason why you can always count on quality with Omaha Steaks. One other good thing about them is the price. You can get 32 burgers and dogs for just $99, which is only $1.5 per serving. Curated gift boxes are a bit pricier, but you get what you pay for, so treat your loved ones with the great piece of meat for any special occasion and your gift will be a hit.


This is another winner in our books. Karv specializes in delivering not just great meat, but some great things that go with it, like layers of spinach and mozzarella cheese. The company specializes in US-born and raised meat only and their organic selection is outstanding. This delivery service will help you plan your meals, so nothing is ever wasted. Everything is customizable, so you can select monthly delivery plan that fits your needs and get a box delivered with ingredients and beautifully illustrated “Gourmand’s Guide” booklet with information about the meat and amazing recipes. Frenched pork chops or Chicken Pineapple Skewers anyone?

Snake River Farms

Most meat delivery companies have a wide range of available meats, but not this one. Snake River Farms and partnering Double R Ranch focus only on beef and pork, and that focus brings exceptional meat to your table. We are talking about American Wagyu Black Grade Boneless Eye of Ribeye Roast and Korubota Pork Porterhouse kind of things.

The meats are not cheap, but they are masterful. This meat is meant to impress, so anytime you feel like you have somebody special to cook for, choose Snake River Farms and you won’t be disappointed.

Heritage Foods

The first thing to mention is that you shouldn’t look for cheap meats here. You will pay for quality and you will get quality. All beef supplied to Heritage Foods is from farms that specialize in old-fashioned genetics on pasture, no cheap mass production. The animals grow slow, like nature intended. Farmers are not feeding their cattle with corn or soy; there are no hormones and antibiotics, and animals are not cross-bread for speedy growth. If your budget allows you to pay for the food that is slow to grow, but amazing to taste, definitely go for it and you won’t regret going.

Harry & David

Yes, this is a pear delivery company. They deliver fruit and many other things, like sausage, cheese, crackers, and variety gift baskets. Besides all that standard stuff, Harry & David offers a nice stock of raw meats. You can find such delicacies as bacon wrapped stuffed shrimp, honey orange duck breasts, bourbon-peppercorn marinated steak, and lobster tail. The meats are not the cheapest, so be aware of that. To top off your meal, you can order wine to be delivered too, and who doesn’t like that?