Nutrisystem vs Freshly in 2022

Nutrisystem vs Freshly in 2022

For most women everyday cooking for the whole family turns into a burdensome routine many would be happy to skip. I do love cooking something special, and I have a couple of signature dishes my family begs me to cook often. But, to tell the truth, I find it boring and time consuming to make breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. At some point you start to hate the kitchen as it becomes the place where you spend most of your day, preparing meals and cleaning after it. If you feel like this there are two things you can do: take an all-inclusive vacation and forget about cooking at least for a week or buy readymade meals online. Well, going on vacation every time you feel sick and tired of cooking is probably the most pleasant option, but also the most expensive. So, I choose the second alternative and consider buying pre-cooked meals for a week or two.

Nutrisystem Personal Plan

So, I searched online and found two companies that seem to meet my criteria: Nutrisystem and Freshly. It’s important that the meals contain all the essential nutrients vital for the health and are well portioned in terms of the number of calories taken. I prefer eating lots of vegetables and low-fat meat, so these two meal plans seem to work great for me.

Nutrisystem Deals 2022

But there is some substantial difference in these two meal plans. While Nutrisystem is mostly a weight loss meal plan with readymade meals come frozen and ready to eat once you heat them up Freshly just provides precooked and cooled meals that contain fresh ingredients, including a variety of veggies, meat, rice, and other side dishes. In other words, you are not going to lose weight with Freshly, but you will get varied meals that contain all the important nutrients to stay healthy. Well, losing weight is not my goal and priority, so Freshly seems to suit me better.

Nutrisystem Breakfast 2022

Now let’s compare the price. The minimum Nutrisystem order is $259 for Uniquely Yours Plan that includes all the daily meals plus snacks and shakes. Well, that’s pretty expensive, so I’m going to look for a coupon to get a discount.

Nutrisystem Breakfast Meal 2022

I usually get coupons at Valpack that I receive with my mail or check couponing sites to get them online. Luck is with me and there is Nutrisystem coupon, so I can save $25 on my first meal plan order. Plus, there is a friend referral promotion with a special offer of $30 OFF my first order at Nutrisystem. Sounds great! But I’m going to check Freshly deals first.

Freshly Box 2022

Freshly also offers enticing offers for new customers. I can take $25 OFF my 5 orders of a five-meal plan. Total savings will result in $125 OFF five orders and if I take advantage of this deal, my first order that consists of five meals will cost just $58.

Freshly Grilled Chicken

Well, considering the fact that I have never tried either of these meal plans, and I just want to try this food to figure out whether the meal plan suits me at all I would rather order Freshly. Even if I don’t like the food $58 is not a big deal compared to $269.

Freshly Steak

Having done comparison shopping and weighing all pros and cons I made up my mind. Since my goal was not losing wight but rather well-balanced meal plan that would free me from grocery shopping and cooking Freshly is the best bet. So, I applied the coupon at the checkout and am waiting for my order to be delivered. Once I get it, I will share my honest review about Freshly meal plan.