Nutrisystem Inspired Life

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Life with Nutrisystem

Can a diet inspire life? Not sure about that, but it can definitely change one. I feel like Nutrisystem meal plan changed many things for me. Mostly for the better. I can definitely say that I love myself and my life more than I did before. I have more self-control with food and feel much more confident about my looks. As a side effect I dislike frozen ready-to-eat meals with passion. But I guess nothing is 100% positive, especially when it comes to diets. You have to take some and to give some.

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Nutrisystem came to my rescue when I really needed some major change in my life. I was struggling with modest overweight and dieting on my own simply wasn’t working. I needed an intervention of sorts and found one in Nutrisystem.

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I decided to put my needs before everybody else’s and get on a serious diet. No, I didn’t abandon my husband and kids and still cooked for them, but my needs now came first. I got my first shipment of customized monthly supply of meals and set my mind on losing at least 10 pounds. This was a step that I never took before and that changed my life quite significantly. Let me say that I lost 10 pounds and more without a problem.

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The first week was rough – going from 2,500 calories per day to 1,200 is not easy, but I persevered. I wanted to prove to myself that I can do it. I also understood that anything out of comfort zone is hard, but not impossible. I learned to ignore cravings and stay the course, which was never easy with diets for me.

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Nutrisystem delivers cooked food and does nutrient balancing and calorie counting for you. For the first time in my life I didn’t have to think what I will eat all day. All I had to do is open the freezer and pick what I felt like that day. Pizza? – Sure! Pasta? – Totally! And all of that done in minutes.

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Weight started falling off right away, 1-2 pounds per week at first. I supplemented often bland foods with fresh veggies and fruit. I even allowed some cheat meals with family. Staying just on Nutrisystem foods is not easy, because I get tired of frozen TV meals pretty fast. On the other hand, this diet is perfect for single people and those who are scared of their kitchens. I love my kitchen, so this aspect of microwavable foods was tough for me. I understood that I wouldn’t be able to eat like this for prolonged time. But I didn’t have to.

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Nutrisystem is great about offering support and tips about portion control, healthy foods, low glycemic index ingredients, and fresh cooking recipes. The biggest life change for me was learning that I can eat anything if I balance my plate and not overload it with junk.

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In short, I understood the importance of portion sizes and this knowledge will stay with me for my Nutrisystem inspired life.

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Another thing I am thankful to Nutrisystem for is my renewed desire to take care of my body fully. I am back at my gym every day again doing cardio, weights, and strength training. I started walking my dog for three miles 3 times per week. Yoga is next on my list. Diets are great, but at almost 40 you have to do more than just that.

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Thanks to Nutrisystem I am learning to find time for me, be it gym, long walks, mushroom picking in the forest, lunch with my girlfriends, or a long bath in the evening with a good book.

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I owe it to myself and I am not apologizing for it. Thank you, Nutrisystem, for helping me see a way to a better life and better self, and doing that with not so great tasting meals. This shows that anything is possible; you just have to make a first step!

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