Nutrisystem for Pandemic Weight Loss

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Nutrisystem for Pandemic Weight Loss

Over 70% of Americans admit to gaining at least some weight during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic is not over, but many of us are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and are ready to drop those pounds in time for spring or at least summer. To help us reach those goals Nutrisystem is rolling out a new program, designed to be more customized and work with dieters’ unique metabolisms.

From now on we will be able to set individual goals and monitor our own progress. Weight loss has to be sustainable or it’s useless for long term and Nutrisystem is ready to take us there with the help of metabolic science and customized options.

Post pandemic world might look a little different, but people will still crave personalization in everything, especially when it comes to their lifestyle and food. They will want to lose the weight they gained and keep it off. Losing was never a problem with Nutrisystem, but keeping it off was a whole different story.

With the new program Nutrisystem remains committed to its users, but also recognizes the changes in our society and is ready to back its innovative new plans with science.

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The new plan is called All-New and is introduced to us after years of research with focus on unique body needs and metabolism. With this program dieters will still have balanced meals, but they will be more personalized than ever before and will adapt to individual weight loss progress as time goes on.

A bit of a cookie cutter meal program will now be different – new customers will have to record their gender, age, weight, height, and activity level, which has never been done before at Nutrisystem. Those biometrics will be used to determine each person’s TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and food recommendations will be based on that. No serious sustainable weight loss could be achieved before when the same meals were consumed by a couch potato and by a dieter who did 15,000 steps each day. This starts changing now!

There will be no fasting and no starving with All-New Nutrisystem. From now on more active people will be able to eat even more and still lose weight consistently. The new program will rely heavily on SmartAdapt feature on NuMi app, which will set and change everybody’s calorie goals and meal plans as weight loss goals are met.

Nutrisystem for Weight Loss

NuMi app offers not only meal plans, but also shopping lists and recipes for the times when you are ready to get back to the real world foods or supplement Nutrisystem meals with your own cooking. Nutrisystem blog The Leaf is here for further support with expert tips, lifestyle advice, and more recipes.

To get people interested and attentive, Nutrisystem will be rolling out a comprehensive marketing plan to boot the changes. There will be ads on TV, streaming devices, digital videos, and social media. Nutrisystem was always heavy on television – expect nothing less this time from a brand that has been around for over 50 years, but more customers will be met right where they are – be it TV, podcasts, or Facebook.

One other new development is the launch of Partner Plans, because accountability always helps in weight loss journey. Two people from the same household will now be able to diet together and keep track of each other’s accomplishments.

Nutrisystem is also constantly striving to improve their menu choices, taste, nutrition, and visual appeal. To continue on that path, the company has recently introduced 25 new meals resembling comfort food that is actually good for you. Expect to try perfectly balanced pizza bowls, veggie meals, and flatbreads in 2021. And best if all – all those delicious foods will always be delivered right to your door, so you won’t have to spend hours standing line in masks and rubber gloves.

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While quarantine is no fun and no joke, not all of us approach it with dread. 3 out of 4 Americans reported gaining up to 16 pounds of weight during this unprecedented time, but some people actually had more time on their hands and focused on losing weight - kudos to them and wishing lots of strength to those of us who will have to tighten our belts and put our running shoes on to shed the pounds in time for spring.

It’s not hard to see why so many people are struggling with weight – we started working from home, many of us lost jobs and ate our sorrows away, gyms and parks closed, kids stayed at home asking for 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches every day. And did we mention increased alcohol consumption to drown the stress? We all are guilty for at least a few of those factors.

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Despite all that and the temptations to treat ourselves to an extra cupcake or a glass of wine, many people picked themselves up and threw away the “I have no time for exercise” excuse for good. And if you are not there yet, it’s never too late to start. Take a walk, run around the block, or get a tennis game on your Wii and get moving. Nutrisystem is not the only thing that can help you lose weight even though it helps!

Healthy cooking at home and planning meals ahead of time are both great contributors to a thinner waist line. We all have some time on our hands and can try many things to propel us towards the body and health we want – Nutrisystem, Keto, intermitted-fasting, Enara plan, Peloton, less alcohol, no fast food, and simply more walking. The key is to start somewhere and stick to it and we are all capable of that!