Nutrisystem Birthday

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Nutrisystem Birthday

Birthdays are important days and more often than not they mean sugar bombs and derailing from every diet anybody might be following. Many might say that it’s OK and exactly how it should be. After all we become older only once a year and deserve to spoil ourselves. Spoiling ourselves is definitely deserved, but it doesn’t have to be said sugar bombs.

Birthday Cake Squares

I have spent enough time following Nutrisystem diet strictly and less so to have a few things to say here. In my case passing years encouraged me to be more and more serious about my body and health. Each birthday reminded me to take better care of myself and not let one night destroy results I worked very hard for.

Nutrisystem Birthday Cakes

Sure, I like a good party as much as the next gal and I learned to relax about my diet, but I still don’t see any reason to allow myself go crazy on my birthday. The only crazy things I like to do these days is put a killer dress on and go out with my girls to dance the birthday night away. And for that we don’t need to murder a giant birthday cake with 2,000 calories per slice.

Nutrisystem has been a good learning platform for me. I started with monthly food supplies and stayed with it for a couple of months at a time. Sure, I lost all kinds of weight, but hated the diet from the bottom of my heart every step of the way. Staying for weeks on end with bland Nutrisystem meals can kill the joy of life pretty fast. So I understood that’s it’s not for me, or not totally for me.

Nutrisystem Birthday Squares

Since my strict dieting days I changed my philosophy and now use Nutrisystem only occasionally, when I want to give my body a reset and myself a rest from cooking. But I never go for entire days with Nutrisystem meals exclusively. I always have some meals and snacks stacked away for my detox days only and this way I love Nutrisystem diet again.

But we were talking about birthday celebrations. So here is the thing – Nutrisystem has many delightful meals that can be consumed during any celebration and truly feel like a special treat. My new favorite is Nutrisystem Birthday Cake Squares. They taste like a scrumptious cake, but contain only 170 calories, 11g of fat, and OG added sugars. This kind of list is my happy list.

Nutrisystem Birthday Cake Squares

Birthday Cake Squares don’t have to go together with balloons, candles, and birthday hats. They are perfect as stand-alone late night craving killers, as travelling companions, and decadent desserts on family TV nights when kiddoes are tucked in beds and mommies need something sweet to end their exhausting days.

Wanna know what I did for my last birthday? I put on a LBD, red 6 inch stilettoes, threw two of these bad babies from Nutrisystem in my little bag, and had the best celebration dancing for hours. I enjoyed my Birthday Cake Square with champagne and had no worries that my waist line will expand next morning. And by no means was I hungry that night!

Try these Nutrisystem treats if you haven’t yet and you’ll see that birthdays can be a lot more fun that stuffing your face and feeling remorseful the next morning. Cheers and happy birthday!