Nordstrom Coupons September 2023

Get up to 60% Off Designer Clearance at Nordstrom
Receive a deluxe sample of Aventus Fragrance (0.07 oz.) with your $25 beauty or fragrance purchase. A $14 value.
Get Free Shipping and Free Returns on All Orders at Nordstrom.
Receive Up to 60% off Kids' Special Occasions + Free Shipping at Nordstrom
Get up to 50% Off Beauty Products and Fragrances at Nordstrom.
Get $40 Bonus Note (subject to credit approval with Nordstrom credit card).
Summer Essentials Under $50 at Nordstrom.

All You Ever Wanted to Know about how to Save at Nordstrom

Nordstrom store outside

There is nothing better than to score great clothes at Nordstrom and at a very cheap price.

Sometimes you cannot find what you want on sale but there are other ways to save money at Nordstrom's.


1. Nordstrom Rewards

It can be expensive to shop at Nordstrom because they sell premium items at high prices. But the reward system can make every dollar at the store count. The rewards program is free and you can earn one point for each dollar spent at the store. This also includes Nordstrom Rack and HauteLook. When you reach 2000 points you will get a $20 torsion note and can be redeemed on a next purchase.

It really adds up to only 1% back but the points do add up.


2. Shop on triple point days

Be wise and wait until it's triple point event and spend your money then. That way you receive on these special days three points for every dollar spent.


3. Shop at the half-yearly and anniversary sales

The largest sale of the year and Nordstrom is their anniversary sale in July and August. If you want to save money and stock up for fall this is the time to shop.


Maybe you can't wait until summer but there is always the regular half yearly sale during the spring and fall.


4. Shop at Nordstrom Rack

Sometimes the prices at Nordstrom are just too high so try Nordstrom Rack. This is when something doesn't sell it Nordstrom it ends up at Nordstrom Rack. Sometimes you can find a savings of up to 70%. Sometimes you can find a great deal here.


5. Get a Nordstrom card

There are three Nordstrom cards and the store will reward you with a $20 Nordstrom Note if you spend $100 at Nordstrom. It also includes Nordstrom Rack or HauteLook and is available the same day your card is approved.

A Nordstrom retail rewards card can earn you two points for every dollar.

A Nordstrom rewards Visa card also earns two points for every dollar and one point per dollar spent anywhere else other than Nordstrom or Nordstrom rack or HauteLook.

When it is triple point days you can actually earn six points per dollar. Cardholders can schedule between one and four triple point days of their very own a year whenever they want and this is the best way to maximize your rewards.


6. Use cashback sites

You can use cashback websites to also save money at Nordstrom.


7. Discount Nordstrom gift cards

If you can get your hands on a discount gift card from websites such as Cardpool and Raise you can save up to 4.5% to 5% on a Nordstrom gift card.

eBay also offers discounted Nordstrom gift cards from other people that were given them but didn't want them.

One can be a budget shopper and shop at Nordstrom. Being good with  money doesn't mean you have to stay home and be a miser. You can splurge but do it wisely and save a pretty penny at Nordstrom.

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