Noom vs. Nutrisystem

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Noom vs. Nutrisystem

Both programs are for weight management and both are very popular, especially after the pandemic, which hit us hard and enriched us with some serious pounds around our waists and bottoms. We are ready to come back to life and want to look our best, right? And anytime we turn our TVs on, we are likely to see ads for Noom and for Nutisystem. So which one should we go with?

While both are great tools for weight loss through lifestyle changes, they are very different. The biggest difference is that Noom is an app that aims to guide you through psychological changes and wants to teach you to understand real world food better. Nutrisystem is a meal delivery program and requires you to consume their frozen or ready-to eat foods. Sure, Nutrisystem also has an app with useful features, but the main idea is still the meals.

There are more key differences:

  • Nutrisystem provides fully prepared meals weekly or monthly. Noom is an app that classifies foods as good, OK, and not so good, but nothing is totally off-limits. Noom has virtual team of coaches for support. There is access to coaches on Nutrtisystem too, but that’s not their main focus.
  • Noom offers recipes and health articles, and also encourages eating less calorie dense foods. Nutrisystem offers about 150 meals to choose from. You have to have a very strong will to stay on frozen foods for a long time though.
  • Nutrisystem has a few tiers of subscription and pricing. The basic plan comes to $9 - $10.5 per day. Uniquely Yours Ultimate plan is $13 - $14.3 per day. Noom is $59 per month and less for longer term subscriptions. But the price of food is not included.
  • Nutrisystem offers very restrictive diet and claims that dieters can lose 18 pounds during the first month and then 2-3 weekly. The results are usually short lived. Noom is not drastic, but long term and life changing.
  • Nutrisystem is easy to follow and requires no counting. It helps regulate blood sugar levels. Noom is more flexible, personalized, and supportive.
  • Nutrisystem is not cheap and can get boring with the same frozen foods. Noom is also not cheap and requires lots of food and activity logging.

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Noom is an app with a comprehensive program – pedometer, activity log, food registry, articles, recipes, and virtual support of coaches and community of about 50 million users. The program is very personalized and based on your unique needs and health. Noom doesn’t forbid eating anything, but will steer you towards healthier food groups.

Nutrisystem doesn’t require any calorie counting, thinking, or cooking. It provides meals that just need to be heated and enjoyed. But they get monotonic pretty easily. Nutrisystem discourages eating out and insists on staying with the meals. Physical activity is not as important for Nutrisystem. The program has a few membership tiers and also options for vegetarians, people with diabetes, high protein, or high fiber options.

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Noom classifies foods as green, yellow, and red. Green foods are the best – fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Yellow are OK too - lean meats, fish, low fat dairy, healthy fats, and legumes. Red color are your junk food, processed meats, sweets, and everything calorie dense.

Noom is loved by its users for the educational factor, which is credited for long term success, when weight is dropped and kept off. It doesn’t require special foods that eventually have to be stopped, as is the case with Nutrisystem. Sure, you pay just for tools, but they can equip you with what you need. Nutrisystem is a quick fix, but it might not last. 78% of Noom users state that they lose weight and keep it off.

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Nutrisystem is lauded for supporting better blood sugar control and also for offering menu that has low glycemic index and diabetes-friendly meals.

Noom needs a smartphone or a tablet and internet connection, which appeals mostly to millennials. There are no face-to-face interactions.

Nutrisystem lacks variety for people who are vegetarians or follow Paleo or gluten-free diets. The program is known for using lots of processed foods and virtually no veggies. Dieters have to supplement with fresh produce or vitamins to stay healthy.

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When it comes to which program is better, it’s really up to individuals. If you have trouble staying on diet on your own, you might try Nutrisystem. If you want long term weight maintenance and don’t mind thinking about calories you consume, Noom is for you