My WW Studio Experience

WW Studio Experience

I have been thinking about visiting WW studio in person ever since I decided to give this diet program a try. I have always been about a tribe of women supporting each other; this is very important in life for me and has been the most important aspect of my boutique boot camp gym when I went there. Since I stopped going because of the back injury, I have been feeling very alone in my fight against creeping up pounds.

WW Studio Experience 2021

The first step, of course, was to sing up for WW online and get my journey started as soon as possible. So I signed up last week. I loved the short process and the user friendly app, but what didn’t come easy or right away was my will and determination to really start following this diet.

WW Online Deals

I feel that having someone, who faces the same struggles at the same time and who I can meet often to talk about all that, would be essential to me. I think I stuck with my boot camp gym for 3 years because I created some serious friendships and felt like I belong to community of likeminded women who all live in the same area. I am desperate for that now. So I drove 15 minutes and entered the little cozy studio.

WW Studio Motivation

The studio is in an outdoor strip mall, tucked between two other stores, and very inviting. One lady entered before me, so I followed her. Inside there is a store with merchandise and a wall of snacks and a front desk of sorts. The lady that entered before me talked briefly to the lady at the desk and weighted herself. She then proceeded to the back of the studio, where behind a thin wall I could hear voices. I understood right away that a workshop is taking place there. So I met a lady at the front desk.

WW Alpharetta

She was very nice and explained to me how the workshops work. If I want to join, I can register on the app and come as often as I please. She was talking about Unlimited Plan, which costs around $40 per month. That can be added to my 360 Plan, but only on the app, not at the studio. That leaves the studio only a place to buy some snacks and kitchen utensils, and to attend the workshops.

WW Diet Pasta

Workshops take place every day in the morning around 9-10am. The studio opens up half an hour before the workshop and stays open for an hour after, until 11am. The studio is also open in the late afternoons, but that time wouldn’t work for me, so I didn’t ask about the time of those workshops. The lady offered me to join the group of mostly women and 2 men, but I was feeling a little shy and didn’t feel like it. I could hear they were sharing their experiences with Halloween candy, which is very fitting because Halloween was just 2 days ago.

WW Cafe Latte

The lady at the front told me that it’s always mostly women, sometimes around 20 of them, but a couple of men might join too. There is no meditation or exercise, but women share what’s on their mind, what helps them, and how they deal with setbacks. They also have an option to measure their weight upon entering, which then gets recorded on the app and is a nice tool for progress tracking.

WW Kitchen Tools

The studio is 15 minutes away from my house, so it’s not bad. The session lasts one hour, so it’s also very doable. I might go ahead and join, because I could really use some real physical contact with likeminded women and benefit from their support. If I have no accountability, I don’t make progress – I lived on this planet long enough to understand that about myself, I have no illusions.

WW Store Deals

The store part was very nice and had a nice selection of snacks, kitchen tools, such as spatulas, and even wine glasses. There also were weekly recipes, journals, recipe books, blankets, cooler bags, sleep masks, and even bracelets with positive messages about being strong.

WW Wine Glasses

All of that is very nice and very important for self-empowerment and encouragement.

WW Success Stories

I left the studio after 10-15 minutes with a very pleasant feeling and promised myself to look into the plans they offer for workshops and pick one. I won’t want to attend these sessions every day, but a time or two per week would be very nice. Good job on keeping the place cozy and inviting, WW!