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Top Rated Wedding Favors

It is such an honor to be requested by a good friend to stand beside on that special day a wedding day. The title of bridesmaid is pretty high on the list of honors and it's a position of great responsibility also much time and financial investment. Bridesmaids are expected to make sure they attend all wedding festivities including bridal shower and bachelorette parties but usually they are expected to plan most of it.

How do you thank your closest friends that are willing to put their life on hold and give you your big day that fulfills your wildest dreams? You can give each of them a thoughtful gift. Here are some of the top wedding favors that have been received by bridesmaids. These items are useful long after the wedding day.

1. Makeup Palettes

One of the best gifts ever received was a nice makeup and lipstick pallet. One can use it for the day of the wedding might also take them home and each time one wears a lipstick one remembers the special day.

2. Monogrammed Flannels

A button-down flannel shirt that one wears the morning and the wedding while you get your hair and makeup done is a great gift. Having something that's comfortable to lounge in is a fun way to stay warm during the cold months. They can be monogrammed and they are cute and cozy.

3. Personalized Champagne Flutes

A stemless champagne flute with someone's name engraved on it is a great token of appreciation from the bride. One can sip on the morning of the wedding and one can even use it for champagne toasts later in the evening.

4. Shawl Coverups

A pashmina shawl scarf that matches the bridesmaids dress is perfect for a fall wedding. One can wear it later at weddings and other formal events as a cover-up.

5. A Practical Clutch

One very useful item is an envelope clutch that can be monogrammed with the recipient's initials and used on the day of the wedding. You can stock it with tissues or mascara for the ceremony. But it quickly becomes a purse that can be worn to other events with heels and a dress.

6. Matching Jewelry

Any jewelry like a bracelet, necklace or earrings that can match the color scheme of the dress is always appreciated. The bridesmaid will not have to worry about it and it's always a reminder of the special event.

7. A Signature Scent

Perfume that fits in your purse is always useful for any occasion. You can smell great all times on that big day.

8. Fancy Underwear

Choosing the correct undergarment to wear under a dress can be complicated so when you are gifted silk lingerie that allows your dress to fall in perfect places who wouldn't want a new pair of fancy underwear?

9. Convenient Snacks

It may sound a bit silly but providing snacks for bridesmaids on her wedding day is a blessing in disguise. When you're getting your makeup done the morning of the wedding sometimes the bridesmaids need to eat but they are too tired to order room service. You need have energy when you dance all night.

10. The Dress Itself

One lucky bridesmaid received the bride's gift in the form of the bridesmaids dress itself. It was a huge weight off the shoulders not have to worry about the cost of an expensive dress and sometimes they actually are re-wearable.