My Honest Review of Meal Delivery Programs

Meal Delivery Programs

The time between Thanksgiving and New Year can sure feel like a non-stop party with turkey leftovers, Christmas cookies, New Year soirees, office Christmas parties with catering, and all the meetings with friends fueled by bubbly. There is no surprise that at the beginning of January we all feel the effects on that and can see the disastrous result on the scales.

Hello Fresh Meal Delivery

This is why so many people’s New Year resolutions are to start hitting the gym and eat healthier. You don’t even have to wait for that, but if you do, take a bit of time to think about the changes you will be making and consider some amazing meal delivery services. Any one of those services will free up some time from cooking and let you eat fresh balanced meals all day and lose weight effortlessly.

This is what I have tried and liked, so hopefully you will get an idea or two from my list:

  • Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh Meal

HelloFresh has been around for a while and is still very popular. The company caters to a wide range of people, but not vegans or dairy free diets. The meals arrive in the form or pre-portioned ingredients and require cooking. Everything is fresh and high quality, but not all organic.

HelloFresh Meal Delivery Program

  • Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon Meal Delivery

Splendid Spoon delivers tasty and nutritious ready-to-drink breakfast smoothies that come in 40 flavors and are protein rich to keep you full, and plant-based lunch soups. The soups can be eaten on the go and include exotic sounding creations like Moroccan lentil or butternut squash ratatouille. There is also an extra step – one day Cleanse, which is intermittent fast of 4 soups and 1 stew.

Splendid Spoon Meal Delivery Program

These pre-packaged meals look so good that customers are flooding Instagram with images of packaging alone. The company offers 3-day or 5-day refresh kits and 10-day reset meals. Take it from Lily Aldridge and give this holistic program a try. The kits are DIY and include spirulina detox bars, probiotic blends, beauty water concentrates, and three recipes every day that are healthy, easy, and very tasty.

  • Be Well Eats

This delivery service is created by Dr. Frank Lipman and chef Tricia Williams. It is currently available for people in Manhattan. The diet offers meals that are free of grain, diary, and refined sugars. You will get organic breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that consist of organic lean protein, veggies, and healthy fats. Expect lots of fermented probiotic-loaded foods and adaptogenic herbs in meals that can be designed to fit all kinds of dietary restrictions.

  • Thistle

The diet is available in California since 2014. The decadent meals are based on plants and global tastes. Imagine eating staples from Ethiopia, Cuba, and Mediterranean region that are full of greens and veggies with no gluten or dairy!

  • Urban Remedy

This program is a lot more than just meals. The latest chapter, Metta-Morphosis, includes morning and evening meditations, movement classes with yoga and dance professionals, and motivational videos to help you reset your body now or next year. Urban Remedy is a brain child of Angela Lindvall with Cindy Crawford and Kate Upton. Followers get to enjoy plant-centric meals, low-glycemic juices, soups, and salads.

  • Daily Harvest

Forget your usual bland and full of chemicals frozen foods with this health-conscious diet. It was launched in 2016 and focuses on ready-to-blend smoothies. The delivery service is expanding into superfood soups and parfaits made of chia seeds, called Harvest Bowls. The soups and chia seeds creations are ready to eat and need only a quick warm up. Vegetable soups contain no preservatives and come in three amazing flavors:

  • Lentil and tomato
  • Brussels sprouts and lime pad Thai
  • Broccoli and cheese


  • Sun Basket

Sun Basket delivers meal kits that take less than 30 minutes to prepare, so you won’t have to be stuck in your kitchen for long to make delicious and healthy meals. All recipes are very easy and are centered on organic produce and proteins.

Green Chef is perfect for those of us who love homemade meals from scratch, but have no time to visit multiple grocery stores and farmers markets for fresh ingredients. With this service you will get a delivery of everything you need for an amazing meal – USDA-certified organic ingredients, sauces, and vegetables that are pre-measured, pre-made, and pre-chopped. You can choose plans that are vegan, gluten-free, keto, and many others.

  • Purple Carrot

This vegan meal delivery service sends you pre-portioned ingredients and easy instructions to make meals at home. This is what they have available:

  • Gluten free plan
  • Quick & Easy
  • High Protein
  • Chef’s Choice

The meals taste good, but do require some preparation, so be ready for that.

  • My Cocobox

My Cocobox also delivers pre-portioned ingredients for cooking at home. The menu is vegan and the meals can serve 2-3 people. Customers love the fact that this company is using plastic packaging sparingly. I enjoy the fact the vegan food meals are more than just salads. Keep in mind that the service is not weekly, but has to be ordered meal by meal.

There are two options of service from Project Juice – you can order a cleanse kit that includes juice, soups, smoothies, and shots, or you can go with smoothie cups that can be blended at home for immediate consumption. The company uses organic produce for smoothies. They also have some physical locations if you want to visit them and test the products. People love thick smoothies with superfood ingredients, but not always like the price.

  • Hungry Root

This service if perfect for those who desire to cook less and still eat healthy. Hungry Root delivers prepared veggie noodles, protein pastas, curries, soups, and oats. Their most famous products are bean-based cookie doughs and amazing sauces. Customers definitely like very short preparation time!

  • Misfits Market

This service is not really a meal delivery, but it can still count as one because you do get vegetables delivered to your door and can create many delicious recipes from them. Some of their produce in below the standards of what the “perfect” vegetable should look like for sale in the supermarkets. However, slightly misshaped veggies and fruits are organic, fresh, and definitely deserve to be used. The company uses biodegradable packaging and offers huge savings when compared with regular organic produce shopping. In addition to that you will feel good about helping reduce food waste.