My Farmer's Market Picks for My WW Diet

My Weight Watchers Diet

While I’m new at WW, I am very seasoned at shopping California’s farmers markets. I would consider it a sin to live where I do and not visit fresh produce sellers right by my neighborhood. Everything is beautiful here, and not only that – I love the freshness, the variety, and the savings. But even without low prices, I would still be shopping at farmers markets whenever I get a chance.

My newest life adventure is WW diet. I have been feeling that I’m losing control on my weight lately and with all the “stuff your face” holidays approaching I decided to do something about it. I like that WW is not some drastic starvation diet, but actual food consumption with small adjustments. In my case, the adjustments needed are just more fruit and veggies in my life. This shouldn’t be so difficult, especially with plentiful farmers markets available in southern California.

October Sunplums

Last weekend we stopped at Mariners Church farmer’s market and it was the best decision we’ve made all day. Thankfully there were not too many vendors with freshly baked breads to lure me away from my healthy WW path. But even if they would’ve tried, the abundance of colorful produce might’ve kept me on track. It remains to be seen, but even if I stray, I don’t think WW would be as upset about little transgressions as Nutrisystem always was.

Weight Watchers Farmer's Market Experience Started with Apples

Our farmer’s market experience, with WW in mind, started with apples. Yes, it is currently the height of apple season in California and all those red beauties are zero points, so I can eat them all I want as far as WW are concerned. Sure, they are not zero calories, but fruit and veggie calories are easily forgiven, because it would be hard to become obese on just apple and broccoli diet. So we loaded our bags with organic Pink Lady and Fuji apples.

Organic Pears

Next to apples there were other WW guiltless goodies – D’anjou pears, Asian pears, and Bartlett pears, all organic. We got some of all varieties. My little guy had to have Bartlett pear jam, so how could I say no?

Cauliflower Section

Cauliflower section was hard to pass due to the rainbow of colors, from purple and orange to white and green. I think they’ll eventually come up with a red variety too.

Organic Persimmons

Next were my son’s favorites – berries. I saw so many colors that I didn’t know where to start first. As you can see, I am very easily influenced by colors. We got blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and fresh fig galore. The only thing we didn’t buy is little orange palm fruit, because we have plenty of these ourselves and are not sure what to do with them.

Grapes and Pomegranates

And then there were beautiful grapes, plums, persimmons, and pomegranates. Now let me tell you about my relationship with pomegranates. When they start here in California, I can literally survive on just pomegranates. I eat 3-5 huge fruit per day and keep going like that until they are over after the New Year. My husband does the same with persimmons. I think I bought half of pomegranates and persimmons from this farmer’s market today and without any guilt, because WW will totally approve, just maybe not the 5 per day part – you know, all the sugar.

Fresh Dragon Fruit

Last two items that got into our baskets were local alfalfa honey and fresh dragon fruit.

Alfalfa Honey

On my way out I also grabbed 2 packages of local vegetable broth seasoning and some kombucha on tap. This totally was the most perfect finish to this wonderful shopping experience on a beautiful fall day all while feeling happy about WW inspired positive changes in my life.