Most Popular COVID Second Wave Products on Instacart

Popular COVID Second Wave Products on Instacart

There is hope that toilet paper shortage is not coming back, but many of us still take a look at those shelves sometimes, don’t we? I always believe in people and their common sense to not hoard things, but I have been proven wrong before. After all, my grocery store is still always low on cleaning products and with second wave making its way back, trouble can be lurking again.

Grocery Shopping During Coronavirus

Several products are beginning to fly off the shelves again it turns out, but I have my Instacart ready and standing by for these essentials. Even if pandemic won’t cause the same panic as it did in spring, with cases rising again, many stores are noticing the some stocking up patters slowly return.

Instacart Chips Delivery

Read on to find out the latest trends. I am not encouraging the stocking up streak, but if you are low on some of these products, you might want to order them on Instacart sooner rather than later.

Covid Grocery Shopping

I use this company because it’s convenient and almost the same price as if I went and spend my valuable time grocery shopping myself. With my busy schedule and kids at school, I don’t see a reason to do that anymore. Instacart has been my savior during spring quarantine and beyond!

Instacart Delivery Deals

These are the grocery staples these days:

Frozen entrees

Instacart Frozen Food Delivery

Frozen foods have always been popular for convenience reasons. Another part of this love for ready-to-eat entrees is various diets. Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, and many others offer a wide range of balanced diet frozen foods. People ate those foods before the pandemic, during it, and after it to lose quarantine pounds. As the second wave looms on the horizon, frozen foods sales are picking up again due to their long shelf life. I am guilty of stocking up some Nutrisystem meals myself, but it’s always within reason.

Cleaning products

Instacart Cleaning Products Delivery

Yes, those never even got back to normal and getting sold out again. My favorite Publix still has half empty shelves in cleaning section. Thankfully, with Instacart I can get them to shop at a few stores instead of one and this way they are usually able to get what I need without me driving to 3-4 stores.

InstaCart Cleaning Products Offer

Tide, Comet, and various bathroom cleaners are in short supply, so buy them when you see them.

Soda and chips

We are not very big on those and buy Coke a few times per year as a reward for kids.

Instacart Coke Delivery

Chips are great for road trips, so I buy some from time to time, or rather Instacart buys them for me now.

Instacart Chips Delivery Deal

PepsiCo is reporting rising sales, so stock up soon if your family eats Doritos and drinks Pepsi drinks – you never know when you’ll want these treats in the lockdown to keep your spirits up.

Paper products

Instacart Paper Products Delivery

Yes, those are in higher demand again. The explanation for this eludes me, but it is what it is. In the face of danger we will want to make sure we have enough supplies to wipe ourselves I guess, so buy now before it’s too late.

Whatever you do, try to remain calm and don’t panic for no reason - we will survive this again if we’ll use reason and avoid fear.