Living Chocolate: Healthy Chocolate that Rocks

Have you ever thought that chocolate can be considered healthy food? Yes, I’m not joking. And I’m not talking about extra dark chocolate which, in fact, is allowed by many nutritionists as a healthy dessert when consumed in small amount. I have always felt a strong pang of guilt after eating my favorite milk chocolate with whole almond, but now I can relax as I’ve found a chocolate maker that produces healthy chocolate. How is it possible? I will describe my acquaintance with Living Chocolate in detail. Let’s jump in!

Living Chocolate

I’m going to sing a praising ode to is located at 2055 State Route 89A, Suite B, Sedona, AZ 86336. I got there not by chance. I was looking for some sweet gifts for my friends before leaving Sedona, so I asked my neighbor where to buy the finest chocolate in the area. And she said that there is no better chocolate in the world than Living Chocolate. In fact, the company recently changed its name from Communal Uprising Chocolate to Living Chocolate. So, probably, you’ve heard about this company before. I haven’t, so for me it was the first acquaintance and love at first sight.

Living Chocolate Store Deals

What makes chocolate made by Living Chocolate different? The company makes raw chocolate without adding white sugar. No preservatives, emulsifiers and cacao butter that are typically added to most mainstream chocolate brands.

Living Chocolate Offers

They use only Belize and Ecuador Cacao that is grounded right there, in Sedona, Arizona. Free from harmful additives, Living Chocolate products can now be consumed as medicine, being rich in iron, zinc, magnesium and other important nutrients.

Chocolate Bars and Truffles by Living Chocolate

But how delicious and beautiful this “medicine” is! Just look at the counter! It’s unbelievable that there is such a great assortment of healthy chocolate treats.

Living Chocolate Truffles

From a great variety of chocolate bars and truffles to herbal treats, chocolate cookies and more Living Chocolate offers great desserts with natural sweeteners like Stevia, Monk Fruit or Allulose added to the recipe formula.

The Zero Sugar Blend

In addition, here, in the store you can purchase this very sweetener called The Zero Sugar Blend so you could use it at home with your coffee or tea.

Living Chocolate Drinks

Speaking of coffee.

Living Chocolate Hot Drinks

There is a healthy alternative to this invigorating drink - Chicory Coffee which costs just $13 at Living Chocolate.

Chicory Coffee

But it is not coffee Living Chocolate is famous for. The store offers incredibly delicious thick cacao which is the best I’ve ever tried so far.

Living Chocolate Cacao Paste

There is also regular, or I would call, traditional cacao, but their signature cacao is out of the world, indeed.

Use of Raw Beans

The unique feature of Living Chocolate is the use of raw beans. They don’t roast it, nor do they add various flavors to it. As a result, cacao beans stay with little fermentation and customers can appreciate its genuine taste. Cacao beans used to make chocolate are all organic and hand-picked. This exclusive approach ensures that cacao and chocolate are consumed in the most natural form that is good for the human body.

Living Chocolate Promotions

Living Chocolate is now my favorite store to shop for cacao and chocolate. I had a chance to visit their store in Sedona, Arizona, in person, but now I’m going to buy my favorite heart-shaped chocolate treats with almond - Keto Dark Chocolate of the Week online.

Keto Dark Chocolate of the Week

My trip to Arizona brought so many interesting findings to me. I’m so happy I discovered Living Chocolate in Arizona. Now I will be ordering Living Chocolate treats online whenever I want and get it delivered right to my door.